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  1. *bad english warning, i used the english translator*
  2. Well, when I had just started in the region of Hoenn, after too many hours playing I had the option of going to Kanto or Unova, I chose the region of Unova, the first surprise I found was that my obedience was reset to 20, I continue having my money and pokemon, but I do not know if to remove them from the PC I will obey, is there any solution to return to hoenn and continue my adventure? this almost makes me not want to play more Pokémon, does anyone tell me if there is a solution yes or no? Well, that was all, GOODBYE!
  3. im going to use this theme, i remember when i tried to use omni series theme, but the game just broke, so i unistall and install the game. it works?
  4. well, okay, i never see some reply in my blog.
  5. sorry, my name is wrong oof, its just me forgotting my user xD Edit: sorry 4 my bad english
  6. Hi, I'm ARioluMMOPlayer, but you can call me RioluMMO, sorry if I interrupt you but I wanted to make a suggestion for PokeMMO, if I'm not mistaken, several of them like me want the playable johto region, since I've got the SS rom (or HG, I do not remember well.) And I really can not see the johto region appear, it would make me a lot of fun if I added johto, well I hope this happens in future updates, in short, I hope you enjoyed and entertained the blog, I'm ARioluMMOPlayer, Goodbye !!. (Do not worry, just use the translator, it's a bit of English xD.)
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