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  1. No sólo eso si no que además aportaría algo único en los juegos de pokemon. La posibilidad de hacer 2 v 2 y hacer un ladder abriría las puertas de jugabilidad de mucha gente a parte de que haría más entretenido el juego en sí. Not only that, but also bring something unique in the pokemon games. The possibility of doing 2 v 2 and doing a ladder would open the doors of gameplay of many people besides that would make the game more entertaining itself.
  2. Hello, I would like to take up this topic again because it seems to me quite interesting. 2 v 2 not only implement a new game mode that itself is already entertaining, but give us the ability to make more versatile duels, play together with and not only with other players, while opening a new world inside of this great world of pokemmo in which many people get tired of the multiwall teams
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