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  1. Welcome to: > Pokémon of the month < We are looking for the best artists in this place and put their skills to the test no matter if you are a novice or a professional, if you work traditionally or digitally, everyone is invited to participate. The main objective of this event is to learn from each other and have motivation by observing each other's style and contemplating the ideas in the works! The dynamic is simple: - At the beginning of each month (each 1st) a random pokemon will be published in this post, you will be able to do a work with this pokemon, like a drawing, a painting, a pixelart, etc. (Traditional or Digital way) - The deadline is the 29th of each month (Time: 00:00 GMT) and the following day the results of that same month will be given (30th of each month) (The first 3 post with the most likes will take place in the Hall of Fame of this thread, I have to emphasize that this will not only depend on the likes, there will be a judge so that this classification is fair). Rules: - You are not allowed to plagiarize someone else's work. - Do not republish old art. - Respect the sending limit, no matter how good your work is, or the time you have dedicated to it, if you do not respect this you will not have a second chance for your entry to be valid, you can still publish it but it will not be taken into account to choose the winners. - You can collaborate with another artist, as long as you both agree. - You can let your creativity run wild, as long as you respect the rules of this forum (such as prohibited sexual content and things like that). - You can draw the pre-evolutions and evolutions of the chosen pokemon, as long as the selected pokemon is the center of attention and does not get lost with the others. - Animations are not allowed. - You can leave a review if you want, as long as it's constructive. - You can edit your entry until deadline. - Everyone can participate, good luck and I hope you enjoy this event 😄 --------------------------------------------------------------- Hall of Fame: --------------------------------------------------------------- The current spotlight is: Deadline: June 29th at 00:00 GMT --------------------------------------------------------------- Host: Tear Judges: xPauu & xJoseee (and me if necessary). --------------------------------------------------------------- Prizes: Current Prize Pool: $5.000.000 1st Place: 70% of the prize pool. 2nd and 3rd Place: Half of the rest. Any donation is well received so that the prize is greater! (You can send it to lTear (is an L at the beginning) LF SPONSORS X'd 🥳 Cheer up to participate! 🥳
  2. I was thinking that it would be a good idea if they can implement user profiles with some badges depending on the performance of the users and their contribution to the community, as well as a badge for Artist, Tier Contributor OU, UU, NU, Doubs, etc. (Tier councils), Social Media Contributor, Trade Corner Contributor, Community Contributor, etc, as well as some special badges for people who are staff and were staff, Global Moderator, Community Manager, Administrator, Discord Moderator, Chinese Moderator, etc, and for those who were staff who did not the badge is removed but it remains there as evidence (this is just an extra suggestion), also would be cool trophies for forum clubs that have won the annual team tournament (Like Aw, Nore, Lord, Etc), well, in conclusion, it would be cool if there were badges or something similar to that in the profile of those who deserve it, i am sure that people would like to have one of those on their profile, please note that this could make people more active on the forum.
  3. Reserved YuiLucero sig done in 15 min, i fixed my ps btw :')
  4. Strife Empire VS The Handy Aipoms LCOU1: 200k Huargensy vs Queest @PoufilouLCDoubles: 200k Gasyflour vs FengrinrinShowdown: 200k Mkns vs Hybone Special Match Manager vs Manager(just for money): awaLLz vs MonkeyDMathew 200k The Wilds Weedles VS Abra Kadabras LCOU2: MadaraSixSix vs NoWall 200kLCNU: NguyenDuy vs WarwitoX 200kLCDoubles: LukerTTV vs TiToooo 200k Hell`s Pandemonious VS The Rolling in the GraveLCOU1: 200k Lunarck vs Sargeste LCOU2: 200k Heichicoda vs TheAizenSosuke LCNU: 200k Kokenosaurio vs stormyrite @xEdstromLCDoubles: 200k Sebat vs SnowOT @Quinn010owes me 200k
  5. Drawing for official event, i did this a while ago The legend of Fire Fox (Wednesday, 25th May)
  6. draw me a turtle holding a cuban flag (in reference to my old dead team)
  7. Hell`s Pandemonious VS Abra KadabrasLCOU1: Heichicoda vs KiriitoX 200k @xEdstrom avoidLCOU2: xWhinkz vs NoWall 200kLCUU: AlejovishGB vs Arca 200kThe Wilds Weedles VS The Handy AipomsLCOU2: 200k YeyoxD vs TawlaLCUU: 200k Zhiko vs AzphielLCNU: 200k MadaraSixSix vs CarolMLCapri Sunkern VS Strife EmpireLCOU1: Lotus vs Huargensy 200k @Quinn010LCOU2: 200k xSparkie vs SebastianRVMLCUU: CHUCKunso vs Mkns 200kLCDoubles: OrangeManiac vs Gasyflour 200kShowdown: 200k Akaru vs ClayClover
  8. of course, sometimes i need space for @RohMartinezalts
  9. The Wilds Weedles VS Capri Sunkern LCOU1: zMauri vs Lotus 200k LCOU2: 200k YeyoxD vs Onraider LCUU: 200k Zhiko vs Skylux LCNU: 200k Aldahirramirez vs QuinnW @Quinn010paid Hell`s Pandemonious VS The Handy Aipoms LCOU1: Stelian vs Queest 200k @Sebatpaid LCUU: AlejovishGB vs Pablobacas 200k The Rolling in the Grave VS Abra Kadabras LCOU1: xSofy vs WarwitoX 200k LCOU2: 200k Thux vs NoWall @Tawlapaid LCUU: McTermi vs Arca 200k @Bertolfosopaid LCNU: Stormy vs KiriitoX 200k @Bertolfosopaid LCDoubles: EricTheGreat vs TiToooo 200k
  10. @DridrigoFKtell me your ign so i can pay you bro X)
  11. Closed, i will finish my remaining orders soon
  12. Sig for Xi, this is one of the signatures that i have enjoyed doing the most, i have learned things with it ✨
  13. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/18-suggestion-box/
  14. Banner for profesor einstein's tt war, request number 500 🥳
  15. The Rolling in the Grave VS The Handy Aipoms LCOU2: BadButWin vs Queest 200k LCUU: McTermi vs Poufilou 200k @DridrigoFKpaid LCNU: Tez vs Pablobacas 200k Hell`s Pandemonious VS Capri Sunkern LCOU2: Stelian vs xSparkie 200k LCUU: 200k Lunarck vs Skylux @DridrigoFKpaid LCDoubles: Sebat vs Akaru 200k @Sebatpaid Showdown: TheDH vs Califlour 200k The Wilds Weedles VS Strife Empire LCOU1: MadaraSixSix vs Huargensy 200k @DridrigoFKpaid LCOU2: 200k YeyoxD vs ItsGray LCDoubles: LukerTTV vs Gasyflour 200k Showdown: 200k fntcz vs SumiSakurasawa i can accept multiple bets on the same duel (until 5 each one)
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