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  1. Wonderful entries!!, there are approximately 5 days left for the deadline, remember that you can edit your entry until that time.
  2. ign: lTear i also want to have fun so ... i did this with the little time that i currently have, remember that you can improve your entry until deadline ~
  3. its not allowed to do that
  4. I just found out that the person called @Dadeloss/ @MEFISis participating with more than 1 entry in this month in differents accounts, this is totally prohibited in this event, please choose 1 of them and let me know which one you will use, if you repeat this you will be banned from the contest, if you didnt get to read this rule, thats fine, we seek to have fun and not come to win dirty, thanks
  5. its funny to see how they publish here, it even has translation into 2 languages
  6. Drawing for official event Walking Through The Dessert(Friday, 17th June)
  7. it's my bday now!

    it's june 5, 12:00 am

  8. LCPL 2 The Handy Aipoms Sig i did this ambipom glow up too
  9. There is no secret in this, it also depends on what you want your team to focus on ... but everything will be promoted by your friendly relationship with your members, not by doing many events you should be considered superior to another team, i did 3 years ago i used to do events 7 days a week, currently my challonge account has more than 100 tournaments, but you saw what happened with my team, thats why i tell you, the best tip i can give you is to have a good relationship with your people and dont take this game seriously, i realized that late, although now im with people that i appreciate very much and i can trust them as they trust me, i appreciate them more as people than as players, thats the difference
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