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  1. Team Name: Asgard Warriors Team Tag: [Aw] Registered Players: Enchanteur, Arca, Frags, Sejuani, Axellgor, Zhiko, LKrenz, Haazuu, FABBROoo, Bund, Kanzo, Anulador, dadanette, TlacuacheMan, lManjiro, LaMitokoMisaka, DiositoSlurpuff, zMauri, Escanor. Team Captain: Enchanteur Cheerleaders: lTear, xPauu, xNotYourFriend, Yusday, Bilburt.
  2. Qwilfish n' Chips' Vs Triple City OU: zAnderson Vs Loveyun 200k LC: 200k Lotus Vs TheDH @Poufilou Dubs: Xebec Vs Mislandier 200k OU: Stelian Vs Queest 200k Roy Rogers Hooligans Vs The Eden of Hazard's UU: 200k TohnR Vs Elvessss NU: Waaynee Vs SweetForU 200k LC: ItsGray Vs Warwitox 200k Doubles: Titooo Vs Nagahex 200k OU: 200k KaynineXL Vs xxxHan The Evil Devilbats Vs Mienfoo Fighters OU: Juanchoqui Vs Lunarck 200k @Sebat OU: Juanchoqui Vs Lunarck 200k @Sebat NU: 200k Kriliin Vs xxLazaro/Lachidrago LC: 200k Cali Vs Hernjet @Lunarck NU: 200k Zhiko Vs Wickedwanga The Mismagicians Vs The Primal Primeapes NU: Zymogen Vs Kanzo 200k @Latiosrol OU: 200k Arca Vs Leotsb/Quiezy Void if sub, act win, dq or any things like that
  3. until 1m, do you want to bet that amount?
  4. Qwilfish n' Chips' Vs The Mismagicians UU: 200k ShellUny Vs Arca LC: Lotus Vs YettoDie 200k Roy Rogers Hooligans Vs Triple City OU: 200k MadaraSixSix Vs Azphiel @Azphielpaid OU: Waaynee Vs EVLGOON 200k NU: ChronoRike Vs tMoi 200k LC: Mendeez Vs Queest 200k @xWhinkZpaid Dubs: 200k lKillua Vs fengrinrin @Azphielpaid UU: 200k TohnR Vs QuinnW @Azphielpaid The Evil Devilbats Vs The Eden of Hazard's OU: 200k Zhiko Vs Jaawax UU: CarolML Vs RealDevilLegend 200k @Sebat paid DB: Gabuchox Vs NagaHex 200k @Sebat paid OU: 200k Zhiko Vs Elvessss Mienfoo Fighters Vs The Primal Primeapes OU: Lunarck Vs Bund 200k @xJoseee Paid OU: Lachidrago/xxlazaro Vs zKuroko 200k UU: YEYOxD Vs Huargensy 200k NU: xHidden/xLuneth Vs Tawla 200k @zMauri paid Dubs: JeanMarch Vs AkaruKokuyo 200k @[email protected] / @BaliAds1M , all paid UU: Mlhawk Vs Huargensy 200k OU: 200k Sicklonerr Vs LeoTsb/Quitezy I can do several bets on the same duel Void if sub, act win, dq or any things like that
  5. OPEN i can take your request as i can also reject you, i just want to have fun lol i don't want to job for this Xd
  6. i can take several, do you still want to take it?
  7. Triple City Vs The Mismagicians Dubs: Mislandier Vs iMat 200k @NagaHex/ @YJos paid LC: TheDH Vs YettoDie 200k @NagaHex paid NU: DoubleJ Vs Zymogen 200k Roy Rogers Hooligans Vs The Evil Devilbats UU: 200k TohnR Vs Umbramol @Umbramol paid NU: ChronoRike Vs Zhiko 200k LC: ItsGray Vs Cali 200k Dubs: 200k Killua Vs Gasyflour @NagaHex paid NU: 200k Madara Vs MexiDany The Primal Primeapes Vs The Eden of Hazard's OU: Quitezy/Leotsb Vs PoseidonWrath 200k OU: 200k zKuroko Vs CristhianArce UU: 200k Huargensy Vs RealDevilLegend @xEdstrom Sub RDL x Mkns so this bet is canceled NU: 200k Tawla Vs woxiangsinile @xEdstrom Paid Dubs: 200k Akarukokuyo Vs Nagahex LC: DarkQuiler Vs Warwitox 200k OU: 200k JorgeFireBolt Vs Jaawax Mienfoo Fighters Vs Qwilfish n' Chips' OU: Lachidrago/xxLazaro Vs Kiwikidd 200k OU: 200k Lunarck Vs Stelian Dubs: 200k JeanMarcH Vs GodXebec LC: 200k Hernjet Vs Lotus @NagaHex paid UU: YEYOxD Vs ShellUny 200k @NagaHex/ @xWhinkZ paid UU: IYaseer Vs Pablobacas 200k Void if sub, act win, dq or any things like that
  8. @Tawlaowes me 400k paid @Sebatowes me 200k @Quinn010owes me 200k gg ign lTear, its a L lowercase
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