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  1. Good jobbbb u have a unique style, keep it up
  2. i feel that they are only editions of 3D templates and some photoshop filters, if not ... he does a good work :)
  3. @Bearminatorwe can change the captain? if so, replace VelociRapToRl with ShellUny, we are Past.
  4. Team Tag: [Pâst] Team Name: ShadowOfThePast Registered Players: VelociRapToRl, StokesAG, Hernjet, lLeviX, Devilongo, Rickypoke, Fibraxxxx, ShellUny, harlamgamer, Ebayee, alenoobxD, Pelkino, RohMartinez, TiburoncinDS, killuacuba, xHeitorFK, Escanor, DarkarArtz, AngelikUwu, KrustySterben. Team Captain: VelociRapToRl
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