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  1. Okayyy, a few weeks ago i put that my shop was closed, it still is but i still get orders xD, just to make it clear, i am not playing PokeMMO because i am currently VERY busy with personal things, i plan to return in a few months if everything works out for me, thanks for the consideration ~ ♥ Goodbye
  2. Por favor no dejen que esto muera
  3. Munya's Mienfoos Vs Rare Rayquazas OU2: cjmystogan vs InuYashaL 200k Doubles: EEdays vs Zigh 200k The Legends Never Die Vs Luxurious Luxrays OU2: iMat vs PoseidonWrath 200k @MaatthewMLG paid Doubles: YJos vs Gasyflour 200k Overheat Charmanders Vs Tenacious Taillows OU2: WarwitoX 200k vs Gabuchox void if sub/ dq / activity win / any weird stuff like that
  4. Drawing for Warwitox (ik i said that i would not draw but i wanted to do it since i did not do it in a long time)
  5. LunaDarkrose Signature with Mmo Character (without drawing, sure, i am very lazy for that, just edit everything)
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