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  1. Don't talk competitive with me, when you are just a tool losing me 1M. Btw, top 1, not 10, try break that with your limited ability before talking shit to me.
  2. The one who's responsible for letting the whole team being lead 0-5 is not him, certainly.
  3. HaseKirie vs Kanzo: 5 p.m CET, Sun, May 17th.
  4. It's fair, much fairer than the shiny rate. They earn more - because they are either more experienced or more diligent. Making it harder for them is useless, simply because if the level of difficulty is +1 for them, then it'll be at least + 5 for you. The distance between you & them just won't change at all.
  5. Third party software usage detected, maybe.
  6. I'll take that as a compliment, but will not consider you the same. You're simply just a no-one, from long ago till now, death or alive of you means nothing to me.
  7. Tell you what, it is, with the name of that Dark-type mon on it. 3 more wins & you will see what I mean.
  8. You're still too naive in mental war, why should I give him the chance to take my money by betting for you? I'm not that dumb. If I did, tell you what, the one who will lose - will be you, definitely. & I don't want that, not for you, but for the team. Stop wasting my time.
  9. +(800k) - took - from Kamo & - (1M) - sent - to Bowser. Litterally spending only 200K for a precious win. now that you've seen my trap for that kid, surpriseeeee #teambeethical #thisissofuckinghilarious *lmfao*
  10. There was a thread about that (2, 3 years before, maybe). But Desu's... never heard of such record.
  11. It's HaseKirie, but you can always do that when the result comes out, there's no rush.
  12. Let's put it more frankly. If I were the host of those official tournaments, I would only care for the idea from the majority (number matters). Since "Shiny prize" only belong to the 1st, or broaden it a bit, to the 4 semi-finalists of every official tourneys. That number will still be too small to urge me to take action (improving the prize). 4 out of 32/ 64/ 128 players is never convincing enough to change anything with the prize, while the rest players, which are the majority, won't even care, 'cuz even if the 1st prize is Shiny, it's not for them anyway, why should they raise up their voice just for you guys anw. So, to sum it up, to semi-finalists, since you all belong to the minority, your idea will just be ignored. Unless you somehow can unify your respecting beloved community to speak up the same idea as yours.
  13. If you guys keep on joining those without-shiny-prize-tourneys, literally you are supporting the host to "keep up the good work". Thus, will be in no place to ask for any shiny prizes from them.
  14. When good players are all gone, the quality of Dubs tourney becomes trash, so that leaves 2 possibilities: - A. The hosts don't care, and just keep that trash quality tourney going on, or never hold it anymore. - B. The hosts have to make it more attractive to good players, which. Is. The. Shiny. Prize.
  15. The only way to make the prize shiny, is the whole Dubs community (well, good skills players only will be enough) quit joining these tours, thus makes its quality drop down to hell. That will be the time when the hosts have to think of making it more attractive with Shiny prize.
  16. Find another clone for that, pls. I don't go against my words by letting one person breaks the maximum limit. As of currently, one seat is yours already (1M), so it's one seat left.
  17. Will quote 1M for you, since Kamo took the first seat, so there's no more seat for your friend to join. Better luck next time. P/s: I misread Kamo's part, well. All the seat will be taken by you and your friend then. (Althought I clearly see that will just be another clone of you)
  18. If I had disrespected him, I would have taken his bet against himself, and sucked his blood dry by that, which I didn't. Thoughtless as you - are in no place to tell me what to do, 'cuz it's just too hard for you to get the idea. And that, will not worthy of wasting my time explaining, you are ignored, now.
  19. Sorry, read it again. 1M at max for each person.
  20. Then you are naive too, SweeT, basically, I used 2m at max to buy for the team a win, no more, no less. That amount maybe something to you but not a thing to me. Share thoughts or not is not important at all, 'cuz you've won already. Remember this for the rest of your life, if I had really wanted your money, then your own bet on yourself winning over Umbra - would've been taken by me sooner that you could've imagined. But I didn't do that, no need to thanks me.
  21. Send a mail to me, HaseKirie pls, the 1st letter confuses me whether it's (L) or (I).
  22. Haven't seen the trap I set for YOU yet? Show hands then, I'm just very kind to kids. This, is the trap for you, mark my words, it's not that I want him to lose, on the contrary, the one who gonna lose is you. Beat him and you're just a tool to me, lose him and my team got a sweet won whatsoever. Either way, you can't take a single cent from me, nor the win from my team. Now, keep furious, and lose badly lol.
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