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  1. Don't talk competitive with me, when you are just a tool losing me 1M. Btw, top 1, not 10, try break that with your limited ability before talking shit to me.
  2. The one who's responsible for letting the whole team being lead 0-5 is not him, certainly.
  3. HaseKirie vs Kanzo: 5 p.m CET, Sun, May 17th.
  4. It's fair, much fairer than the shiny rate. They earn more - because they are either more experienced or more diligent. Making it harder for them is useless, simply because if the level of difficulty is +1 for them, then it'll be at least + 5 for you. The distance between you & them just won't change at all.
  5. Third party software usage detected, maybe.
  6. Up. Love it so much to do the thing I love, while can still help people ~.~
  7. I'll take that as a compliment, but will not consider you the same. You're simply just a no-one, from long ago till now, death or alive of you means nothing to me.
  8. Tell you what, it is, with the name of that Dark-type mon on it. 3 more wins & you will see what I mean.
  9. You're still too naive in mental war, why should I give him the chance to take my money by betting for you? I'm not that dumb. If I did, tell you what, the one who will lose - will be you, definitely. & I don't want that, not for you, but for the team. Stop wasting my time.
  10. +(800k) - took - from Kamo & - (1M) - sent - to Bowser. Litterally spending only 200K for a precious win. now that you've seen my trap for that kid, surpriseeeee #teambeethical #thisissofuckinghilarious *lmfao*
  11. There was a thread about that (2, 3 years before, maybe). But Desu's... never heard of such record.
  12. Your order was special, reminded me of many other products that I forgot to add. So for a special thanks, you will have your "Regular-Customer status" activated, from now. Check upper post for its expire time. Greatly thanks.
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