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  1. when u fuck up, but u're fast enough to take a perfect ss
  2. Frag

    Match Fixing

    Stop scouting me, thanks.
  3. oma



    wena señor frag

  4. Gratz guys, good shit
  5. PzICiei.jpg

    1. Frag


      Me echas de menos?

    2. Bluebird


      Quien te conoce

  6. Better than current prizes
  7. I liked your PSL sign up already fragsy, give me a shiny.

  8. Frag

    In Queue Timer

    leave the queue lol
  9. Frag

    In Queue Timer

    or just make the spectator window get closed automatically when the system calls you, instead of getting the busy msg.
  10. Frag

    Event Suggestions & Feedback

    weak prize for a 128mt
  11. I don't see any chance of this happening, there's to many ways to see a friend's screen, also I don't think the devs want to nerf a feature that instead need to be buffed in order to make it less autistic (one of the weakest points of this game actually), i just hope they decide to add an spectator's chat soon.
  12. Frag

    Encouraging people to play NU/ UU matchmaking

    What's the point on getting rank 1 if u get nothing, this rank system is meaningless, It's just a easy way to farm bp. No prize, no game.
  13. Frag

    Dota 2

    yah its me
  14. Frag

    Dota 2

    4k nob here (ccu1987)
  15. Frag

    Matchmaking shortcut key

    but... my M is the map

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