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  1. Frags Competitive accolades: I never played the world cup.
  2. life orb 1hko, dunno why ppl still thinking yache was broken, life orb just 1hko everything, even 252/252 gastrodon, i used to play magne + eq stone claw, that was the real shit., and yea nobody uses shed on skar anyway.
  3. Rank 200 or something, most of my battles are this way, I cant tell its a good sign
  4. Since the new system the max number of rounds ive wait is one, after the msg "match not found" the next round you will get paired with any low elo player, even not ranked ones, the system has no restrictions.
  5. I'm pretty sure it needs a tweak, It's way better to wait 3 rounds to find a worthy player close to our elo instead of playing every time vs ranks 100+ which are boring free wins. This is also reflected in the high win % everyone has right now.
  6. I just miss things using Explosion
  7. 3v3 back to 2013, just no. But seriously, imagine everyone spamming stall due uncertainty, that would be boring af, also nobody is gonna throw a gimmick into a blind matchup, instead they will go for the safe way, which are always the over used sttuf, for logic reasons. No scout just closes the windows for creativity.
  8. Discord now allow streaming with one click, also requirements are minimal xd
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