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  1. Team Name: AgardWarriors Team Tag: Aw Registered Players: Frags, LKrenz, enchanteur, JhowCrazy, giantpipe, FABBROoo, Zyakron, belieberboy, SejuaniSupport, eloyriptor Team Captain: Frags
  2. Nikh was the heart of the team, he did more than me, I was the manager and Nikh the capt. basically, while pipe was busy with his new gf. haha
  3. PzICiei.jpg

    1. Frag


      Me echas de menos?

    2. Bluebird


      Quien te conoce

  4. did i miss one psl? meanwhile
  5. Better than current prizes
  6. taking x2, no problem right? @QPrime
  7. 2m on me beating pbc
  8. I liked your PSL sign up already fragsy, give me a shiny.

  9. leave the queue lol
  10. or just make the spectator window get closed automatically when the system calls you, instead of getting the busy msg.
  11. aero B / B+ kingdra B+ garde B pory2 B+ sceptile B+ slaking B / B+ haunter B+ umbreon B tauros B+ blaziken B+ doom B / B+ breelom B+ espeon B ferali B machamp B zam B jolteon B ludi B medicham B / B+ skar B+ ursa B+ slowbro B+ / A arca B+ magne B+ / A milotic B+ gyara A+ hera A+ typlo B+ / A forre A flygon A weez A chansey s starmie s meta s venusaur s marowak SS coz i like it
  12. I really like TC decisions so far, all the bans are at point, uu still shit tho.
  13. weak prize for a 128mt