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  1. i have no idea, i'm sorry, i only knew how to REPLACE music themes (and that a month ago and i already forgot...)
  2. try again, i did stupid mistakes, but it ended up working out ! so please don't say "it doesn't work", you can't really tell until you've tried EVERYTHING ! anyway good luck.
  3. this mod replaces all the battle themes for some good ol' Yu-Gi-Oh themes from different generations of the famous card game anime ! to use this mod you must download the file below and place it directly into the mods file of your PokeMMO game ! https://mega.nz/#!ivwgWCxC!9yjVRgwEIA1IdvNcvF3cIcUSCG_UJ6Ab-vzZfHd3xEo do not unzip the mod ! just place it ! hope you enjoy the mod ! just ask if you want me to make a Music mod for any of the regions !
  4. it only replaces the Hoenn Musics, not Kanto... (you are looking for a kanto music mod ?)
  5. there isn't any way to make a music mod that just plays a specific list of musics at random is there ? (some people would like that, i think...)
  6. To use this mod, download it and place the zip WITHOUT unzipping it directly into the mods file for PokeMMO ! https://mega.nz/#!zrRRzIhS!XkBaedVjP7L65YLlDCk0ejlTe0EI8N8_-6NcXyKT9dY this mod was made for "Shaeyo" ! it has different themes for every type of battle in the game for Hoenn ! such as : Pokemon Platinum Battle Champion Cynthia Music and Pokémon Sun Battle Team Galactic Commander: Remastered
  7. So here is a quick and easy mod i made, it is my first mod ever !! so make sure to tell me if anything is wrong with it !!! all you need to do to install the mod properly is to download the files needed and then just place these in the mods folder for your PokeMMO ! oh and if the game crashes its due to the game's update, it needs to be fixed so i'm sorry about that, anyway, heres is what is in the mod ! -Inside gym's -professor Birch's lab -PokeMart and PokeCenter -Riding bike -Litteroot town (special music) -Victory road -Hall Of Fame -Safari zone -all kinds of battles (magma and aqua, Elite 4, champion, and rival !) -sky pillar/ Mt. Chimney and here are the download links (MEGAsync !) (all 3 are needed !) https://mega.nz/#!2iZ1QYiA!liRhjuOA19ukueqJmH7OelzQUnVwVqJ_SNpckSR_12k https://mega.nz/#!HnQVgYQC!ZX9QS6sQ0LN-Q-14QmF6F3B4atdDqKE8gAJQEcb2syM https://mega.nz/#!32Z3kAqZ!ETbj23xK8V2_zySW_VzxnRgq7xV1YDqY_uNoYg4x5nU
  8. anyway here are the 3 links of the themes that are left: the themes in this mod are: -Inside gym's -proffessor Birch's lab -PokeMart and Pokecenter -Riding bike -Litteroot town (special music) -Victory road -Hall Of Fame -Safari zone -all kinds of battles (magma and aqua, Elite 4, champion, and rival !) -sky pillar/ Mt. Chimney https://mega.nz/#!2iZ1QYiA!liRhjuOA19ukueqJmH7OelzQUnVwVqJ_SNpckSR_12k https://mega.nz/#!HnQVgYQC!ZX9QS6sQ0LN-Q-14QmF6F3B4atdDqKE8gAJQEcb2syM https://mega.nz/#!32Z3kAqZ!ETbj23xK8V2_zySW_VzxnRgq7xV1YDqY_uNoYg4x5nU
  9. is it normal that my mod keeps crashing the game ? i took off all the road and town themes but kept like the important ones but it still crashes the game...
  10. OMG FINALLY WORKS !!! yeah i forgot the 250MB limit... so now its done i'll place the 6 links for them as a thanks later and everyone will be allowed to modify them as much as they want :)
  11. there i have a NORMAL link for everything, i was dumb the other time https://mega.nz/#!XzgFDYzB!lhNLdbGfwWeL9Mt4d6E_fAaOu7knZv4fowUrGVTLQEw
  12. please tell me this is another of my dumb fails...
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