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  1. Why would you get ban because you sold something at a lesser price? The only thing you can do now is what I told you before. You won't get back what you lost even if you ask a GM.
  2. Move on and learn from this experience?
  3. Great service. Fast & reliable, I will use it again for sure!
  4. Pokemon never was a franchise that cared much about coherence in it's movies or tv adaptations. Otherwise, Ash would not still be a teenager.
  5. I think your team might be the problem because, even though he is strong for a storyline NPC, he is not that difficult to beat. I used this to beat him (not the best choices possible and they were all wild catch without great IVs, EVs or nature but it can give you an idea): Krookodile Archeops Cofagrigus Reuniclus Galvantula Zekrom (obviously)
  6. It does feel like you already took a side though.
  7. Count me in. Edit: I am sorry that I could not make it to the event. Something important came up and I did not have an internet access to inform you about it.
  8. Has not been happening for me.
  9. Great breeding service. I recommend!
  10. No, only those on the LC tiers in your Pokedex.
  11. I have no words to describe what I just watched. I'm gonna say spectacular & amazing but both aren't fucking enough.
  12. You can't do anything about it, only @Alouu can. You'll have to be patient.
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