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  1. after I voted which I just did, back at being dead and away. Forever this time. And didn't u wanted your boyfriend to win? Doesn't look good.
  2. Inb4 BF creates bots to win and staff looks away.
  3. Lmao you're killing me @TJXD. You know it's just a video game right? You seem to take it way too seriously. Also @Bearminator, will you sanction this as a threat or be bias as always towards your friends? Either way, like I said to Tyrone in a now deleted post, I ain't playing anymore. I'll take that as my queue. You guys are fucked up. I tried countless times to be friendly with BF explaining how I felt like he didnt do events, listen to players or answer them but he never actually cared and called me a hater even when I was not mean to him. That's why my tone changed towards him and you guys are just to blinded seeing him as something close to a god. And I am saying it again, I never compared him to Hitller. Just said that it was funny how he applied Godwin's Law when in difficulty and compared himself and his mayoral council as heroes in camps (his word not mine). See you never I hope. You are way too idiotic to even continue to try to reason with.
  4. 1) What PokeMMO needs is different for anyone. 2) What many (not saying most cuz no one knows) needs, no Mayor can deliver, only staff. 3) It's funny how people asked realistic things from Bestfriends (events, stop spamming his cringy YTB channels everywhere, listen, real answers) but when it comes to Einstein, people ask things only devs or staff members can do.
  5. The fact that Haazuu makes the post changes nothing. Every Mayor has a team and people in charges of, for example, running social accounts. Even tho it's a game, if we know what he is doing, that's enough. We don't need another Bestfriends spamming is youtube channel (even tho he seems to have stopped this, I must point it out). Quick Reminder: Voting for Einstein is voting for Haazuu too since he's on the ticket.
  6. The devs are doing what they can. I am pretty sure this game will never feature anything past gen5 tho. Sinnoh is coming, you just have to wait. Edit: I would also be pretty surprised to see BW2
  7. 1) We need @DarylDixon to translate. 2) Did you played the game before posting? Chikorita, Totodile & Cyndaquil are available. The Fire Red ROM let you have access to Leaf Green exclusivity on PokeMMO. Electabuzz' family is available in the game.
  8. Maybe he doesn't have time because he is creating events or grinding for these events? #LessWordsMoreAction
  9. Einstein isn't no one. What are you talking about.
  10. So my post criticizing Bestfriends was removed when I only posted memes saying he was applying Godwin's Law and that I doubted him. If the staff wants Bestfriends to win and don't want people criticize him, just close all of these topics already.
  11. @Bestfriends will surely win. I hate to say it but it's facts. Unbiased, accurate & cringe af facts. @MathewMat you are our last hope. Lava must takeover this shit.
  12. @MathewMat being a finalist when only members of his team voted for him. This election is rigged by Läva. Im joking if anyone cant tell. I see Bf more like a bibi than a Trump if u see what I mean.
  13. For real, 99% of the people on this thread are better choices than the actual mayor. Edit: I'm the 1%.
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