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  1. Plot twist there is no PTS they are actually dropping the full thing friday
  2. That sounds too long. Full thing is def dropping after the PTS event
  3. [You need to be in a Dungeon to be able to read this post]
  4. Good to have you back
  5. Thats weird. Which specific mod are you using/what are you playing on? Thank you!
  6. Close the application and go back to Mod Management. It usually will show up after restarting PokeMMO. After Click on the box so theres a check mark then click Save and it will say the app needs to restart and you should be good after.
  7. I use to have that problem when I played on Mac. After I switched to PC/Mobile I havent had that problem
  8. Use a water Pokemon with an Ice move or a non dragon pokemon with a dragon move
  9. I was expecting another Post asking when Sinnoh is releasing
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