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  1. up sure buddy send me a mail with the pokemon + money and tell me what ev you want :D
  2. already 13+ people join people :) https://discordapp.com/invite/436Jkyn
  3. yes sir okay i added a new inv code
  4. Hi, i recently startet a discord for all double players. You can test your team there, help each other with team building and talk about the current meta in pokemmo.(also VGC) Since there is no offical matchmaking for doubles, testing your team is kinda hard if you only got friends who play OU/UU, so i tought i start a discord server were you can battle and test things, have a talk etc. i hope you like my idea and find this helpfull here is the invite link for the Discord : https://discord.gg/436Jkyn
  5. so i just createt a discord server for doubles(dubs) where you can test your team and talk to people about the meta, comps etc. https://discord.gg/K79Wbt
  6. thats not really what i tried to tell you but k
  7. no they wont because uu and nu matchmaking does not even work 100%
  8. Hello, so i recently startet with double fights and i was wondering if there is a discord for doubles, since there is no offical doubles matchmaking were you can test your team etc. You can also add/wisper me if you want to fight and test your team IGN: LordCyber
  9. what i forgot is doing events and open the crates or sit on them and sell them after 1 year
  10. My 3 ways to get money$$$$$ 1.Gym Rematches/Cash route 2.Ditto Farming 3.Comp Breeding
  11. i tried to put it in my mod folder but i keep getting this error message any one can help? (i also changed it to .zip and .rar but still does not work)
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