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  1. I think with the new PVP System: Whimsicott should be A-/B+, it has a super Strong Ability: Prankstar + great Support Moves: Tailwind / Taunt / Fake Tears / Encore. It also deals good Damage to Rain Teams/Water Pokes with: Gigadrain / Energyball. Its also the 9th used Poke, in the Doubles Statistics, with a 15,93% Matchmaking Usage and a 51,87% Win Rate.
  2. Everytime i watch a Tournament Replay i think, why isn't there a fast forward funktion or a replay.mp4 download funktion. That would be so much easier to watch the recent tournaments and would help alot.
  3. in IGN: LordCyber Rhyperior Reuniclus Conkeldurr Dusclops Togekiss Metagross
  4. 3m? for a shiny gara with nature and good stats?
  5. hello people! I was looking at the market and was wondering what my Gyarados would be worth, for now, I don't plan on selling it in the near future. But it's a good Idea to get the value of these kind of shiny. It's Jolly btw(+speed,-spatk)
  6. nice work you have a download link for it?
  7. Garchomp @ Choice Scarf Ability: Rough Skin Nice Team idea but there is no Garchomp Rough Skin Ability in Pokemmo
  8. if they host a doubles Tournaments, they also need to have a doubles matchmaking que, to test new teams and learn more about playing doubles in generell. VGC Matchmaking deppends on the player base, not every doubles player plays VGC.
  9. look at unova than you know what the devs mean under "soon" LULw
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