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  1. I think with the new PVP System: Whimsicott should be A-/B+, it has a super Strong Ability: Prankstar + great Support Moves: Tailwind / Taunt / Fake Tears / Encore. It also deals good Damage to Rain Teams/Water Pokes with: Gigadrain / Energyball. Its also the 9th used Poke, in the Doubles Statistics, with a 15,93% Matchmaking Usage and a 51,87% Win Rate.
  2. Everytime i watch a Tournament Replay i think, why isn't there a fast forward funktion or a replay.mp4 download funktion. That would be so much easier to watch the recent tournaments and would help alot.
  3. in IGN: LordCyber Rhyperior Reuniclus Conkeldurr Dusclops Togekiss Metagross
  4. +rep very very fast + good prices. 10/10
  5. hi, i would know how much a 2x31, 1x0, 2x27 ivs is? Rhyperior Nature Brave 31 Hp IV 31 Atk IV 27 Def IV - Spa IV 27 spd IV 0 spe IV
  6. ... loco guy xD
  7. 3m? for a shiny gara with nature and good stats?
  8. hello people! I was looking at the market and was wondering what my Gyarados would be worth, for now, I don't plan on selling it in the near future. But it's a good Idea to get the value of these kind of shiny. It's Jolly btw(+speed,-spatk)
  9. nice work you have a download link for it?
  10. Garchomp @ Choice Scarf Ability: Rough Skin Nice Team idea but there is no Garchomp Rough Skin Ability in Pokemmo
  11. if they host a doubles Tournaments, they also need to have a doubles matchmaking que, to test new teams and learn more about playing doubles in generell. VGC Matchmaking deppends on the player base, not every doubles player plays VGC.
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