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  1. nice work you have a download link for it?
  2. Garchomp @ Choice Scarf Ability: Rough Skin Nice Team idea but there is no Garchomp Rough Skin Ability in Pokemmo
  3. if they host a doubles Tournaments, they also need to have a doubles matchmaking que, to test new teams and learn more about playing doubles in generell. VGC Matchmaking deppends on the player base, not every doubles player plays VGC.
  4. look at unova than you know what the devs mean under "soon" LULw
  5. or they find a way to shut it down also many people play mmo because its oldschool with no megas z moves etc.
  6. i love VGC too but they will never add it. UU and NU doesent even work right and not that many people play it active like OU, so vgc would have the same problem! but i opend a VGC/Doubles Discord with already 26 people who play VGC/Doubles. i also host a Vgc tournament on 26th may would love to see you there :D here is the Post : or you can add me ingame (i always play VGC vs Friends :D) IGN: LordCyber
  7. "he doesn't need photoshop to 'correct' his art because the pixels are visible." thats correct but ph is way better for art in so many options and no i just tryed to give him some input to help him improve in his art but k
  8. i used to do some art on photoshop and its 100% better than paint use that buddy :D
  9. correct me if iam wrong but the pokeball must be in pixels too
  10. nice idea but it would be bad for the lucky egg price it would drop hard after that day
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