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  1. yea theres alot of issues with the theme but hey it looks cool for when it works
  2. yo i made an entire gen 7 pokemon animated mod just didnt release yet. made customs for every gen v style sprite. do you want to work together if so dm me on discord jaredtkl95#3005
  3. whatre you trying to make it seems like a dark theme but theres so many, do u need help with this?
  4. ooooh that makes sense i assimed it was part of the battery icons ill add it back in the next update but working on some other mods rn
  5. i wanna fix the text bubble but i dont know how i messed that part up in the first place LOL
  6. i still recommend my icon mod for the gen 8 icons too lol the home icons didnt resonate with me
  7. im confident i could implement most of this if you provide me with some of the assets you used in the concepts maybe add me on discord if u want to jaredtkl95#3005
  8. Links to Android Theme and Default Theme Replace your current default theme with this one but make sure to make a copy of your current default make sure to unzip theme folders as zip folders cannot be used as theme and wont show up add the mod as a zip to the mods folder Theme https://mega.nz/file/37AGALoR#b1Wmdj48X5aEXtYjvjxbA0gEWgbUhExAOZ8XX80Zj5s Icons https://mega.nz/file/e7Zm2TAZ#yiWABsGV2X89pLaEGTjbb5zqonZ4Kq35AGWRAuDYQUc
  9. u wanna work together im having a few setbacks in what i wanted to achieve
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