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  1. I know its not your fault, its just the way i feel icons are handled in this game, or maybe its me, but they do come out very blurry in game. as the one who made the gen 8 style icon mod i know how time consuming icon mods can be so thank you for contributing your efforts and good luck with the rest of the mod
  2. ***** In game donations would be appreciated but not required! ****** (Making the theme and Icon mod together were both time consuming and costly in-game!) Mail to JaredTKL in game if interested in showing appreciation :) I edited a version of the android theme on pc in order to help me complete my Generation 8 Style Icon Mod. The icon mod and the android theme were developed in tandem in order to allow me the easiest space to align the icons and in doing so I also created a pretty cool custom android theme which I have since modified to look and feel even fresher. I recommend using this theme to play through the story, gym rematches, pc sorting, etc... But not for use with events, breeding, or anything super important as the android theme as a whole, unmodified, leaves a lot to be desired. Attached will be 2 themes: 1. Make backups of the current DEFAULT & ANDROID themes in the THEMES FOLDER and then delete them from the PokeMMO folder 2. Download the new Default theme which must completely replace the current default PokeMMO theme in the THEMES FOLDER 3. Download the new Android theme itself which must also entirely replace the current default android theme I Have posted a few screenshots of the android theme running on my pc in a resolution of 3840x2160. I've tested in other resolutions, and it seems fine. If anyone in the community would like to edit my themes feel free to try and keep making the best possible theme that it can be! and be sure to link any screenshots or fixes to me in the comments... This theme does however come with some bugs that maybe someone else in the community can fix... Known Bugs: 1. - Accidentally broke or deleted the pop-up dialogue window so now the text is all black and hard to see in the overworld 2. The in-game battle hp bar colors should be green-yellow-red but it's all blue because of an exemplar default color I used, and wasn't sure how to get it back to the default 3 colors 3. I deleted the icon for the in-game chat for aesthetic reasons and it can be added back in by anyone if they figure out how to do so as the functionality is still there in the bottom left DOWNLOADS: Google Drive link to the THEMES: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DN9r_jx-HSXRHFvtHRVSsmjlFSZmJKy4/view?usp=sharing Forum Link to my Gen 8 Style Icon Mod: Forums Link to JDChaos Realtime 3D Sprites:
  3. updated to v8: new additions in the description
  4. this is the definitive sinnoh music mod as i see it
  5. this mod is amazing you need too make one just as good for the other regions please
  6. the theme shown in the screenshots is my personal modified android and exemplar theme alongside my gen 8 icon mod which is what is causing the confusion
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