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  1. id say use your theme in conjunction with most of my parts, like the pc box, gen 8 sprites, and my improved battle ui
  2. i dont even have to update it but i said i would. you sound entitled. simply dont use the theme and or mods associated with it for the time being if its conflicts with what you deem to be a playable state
  3. Yea man I know right that would be really cool haha if only it took me a snap of my fingers to fix it all
  4. Alot to process here and some of the stuff im already in the process of addressing but thank you for bringing attention to everything love the support and also this is my first time tweaking a game and combining themes mods and making my own changed so honestly i dont know enough to fix everything like the clicking of battle interface but depending on resolution you can decrease battle interface size and use with a keyboard and mouse. do you have a discord. we can talk more about the theme
  5. That’s the point though. The others are greyed out bc that box isn’t currently being viewed. I don’t plan on changing that. Only the box open will be white and the others are greyed out bit still visible
  6. Oh I see what you mean. I specifically made the box that you’re currently on white so that it would stand out and you’d know which box you’re on as opposed to the others that stay greyed out until you select that box
  7. I wasn’t referring to text size. I’m saying I label each box just a number because it’s a cleaners look and the numbers fit nicely
  8. I actually like to label my boxes by number “1” “2” etc the numbers fit nicely I don’t plan on changing that tbh
  9. are you going to be updating your 3d sprite mod to the upscale 3ds no outline?
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