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  1.   This is awesome man, I love the colours.   newwwwwww:
  2. Eyy, new tag again, any CnC is appreciated :)   Colour:       B/W:     The text placement/final design effects look pretty shitty because photoshop crashed right as I added the text, and all I could save was a screenshot grrr
  3.     This one? It's quite nice as far as typography goes, the subtle glow on the green in CLOUDVOX does wonders for the overall effect, and I like that it's not over-sharpened and you haven't spammed it with shitty flares among other effects. Transparent background gets an A+ because it probably wouldn't work with much else without ruining that nice clean theme you have going on and the CLOUDVOX font is a perfect match to that theme. The only thing I would really criticise here is the Timeless Designer part. You have to be careful when picking script fonts like that for a 3D typo, you'll be hard pressed to make them look good and that's the issue here. Because the weight of then font is not large, the effects on it look cloudy, blurred and dark. You don't get the variety in lighting or the subtle effect which exists in the CLOUDVOX font because the script is simply too light to make it work. I'm also not really a fan of the 3D effect on it, it kinda looks like a weird thick black stroke and doesn't go too well with it. TLDR; CLOUDVOX part looks great, Timeless Designer part needs a font re-think. Overall, I like it.
  4. CnC pls :>   Purple       Dark  
  5.     Most of your stuff is overly-sharpened, and this is only emphasised by the animation which requires saving in .gif format which induces heaps of quality loss by itself. For those just starting out, I would advise you to stay away from animated tags. I know they're a huge thing on this forum but a lot of them tend to come out looking pretty tacky especially due to the .gif quality loss. Stick to static tags for now and work on improving your sense of flow, lighting and depth. Rather than just making a random background and wacking on a render and some text, try experimenting with the placement of a render relative to the background effects you are trying to achieve and have a background which complements both your render and the overall atmosphere of the tag. It's generally advisable to stay away from text when starting out because it ruins flow unless you do it right but it's up to you (I'm a bit of a hypocrite here since the text in p much all my tags screws up the flow). I will say though that you needn't use massive font sizes and overly garish effects on your text, rather you should go for a more subtle approach which matches the style of the tag. These are great for your first shots at tag making and they're a lot better than what I first whipped up when I was getting into it, just give it time and practice and you'll improve massively. :)   ---   Back from hiatus with a new tag, CnC would be wonderful!    
  6.   Very nice, although the text unfortunately ruins it. It draws a double-focal due to size and clashing colours/shades with the tag itself. Might be better if you get rid of the Stroke around it but it also goes against the tag's flow which is a problem. I'd put this at 8/10, it's good :)       Ooft, just finished making this one it took agessss. Used it to practice creation of flow/depth and proper lighting. Let me know how I went, as always CnC is welcome and appreciated, thanks! :)  
  7. 6/10, the text is rather large and invasive (although that seems to be pretty popular here so fair enough), and it disrupts the flow (which makes me sound like a hypocrite cause the tag I'm about to post has crappy flow). Because it's so big it also acts as a double focal which is a problem as it draws attention away from the Chansey render. The background is a little plain and the foreground grunge effects, while adding a bit of depth, serve as a distraction from the tag. You may want to consider adding those effects to the background as a means of keeping the render as your focal and also spicing up your background. The colour scheme is nice and matches the render, in the future you may want to try adding a little bit of pink in there too to further integrate the render into the tag.   Just finished a new tag, completely new style for me and my first time smudging properly. CnC is welcome and appreciated :)       (tfw the flow and lighting are shot :c )
  8.   Yup, found it a couple of days ago.   EDIT: So uhh, Viridian City's looking top notch: [spoiler] [/spoiler]
  9. Seems like common sense to have this implemented.
  10. @ShiinyJack: Drawing is great, background is too grey and the text is bad.   Just finished my new tag, CnC is welcome and appreciated.
  11. Found this guy just surfing in front of Nurse Joy at Celadon PokeCenter  
  12.   Good things: Nice consistent colour scheme, render blends in fairly well, consistent style, lighting works relatively well, depth is ok. Things that need improvement: There's no flow, the render needs to be sharper and the text doesn't flow and takes up too much space. Also, it's too low opacity which makes it difficult to read. You should also try looking into adding more depth. I'd rate it a 6/10.       Go for it.
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