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  1. I see but I just want to record specificed area of game screen. Anyways, Thank you so much. I will make more music video like this one. :D
  2. Tittle : Welcome to PokeMMO ! Link MV : Youtube ! Song : Rise Editor : Fozker - it's me :) Just for fun ! And I will share this to my Vietnamese community. So they will know this game and join with us ! Leave me a like and subcribe to see my next MV :D !
  3. Hi guys, it's me Fozker. As you know, Unova now is the best region for training (EXP and EV). So I represent this video-guide to help you understand all spots where you can train EV (horde) effectively. The video in youtube, click to play : Youtube ►Train EV HP : Icirrus City ►Train EV ATK : Opelucid City ► Route 9 ►Train EV DEF : Pokemon League ► Victory Road cave (You must you Sweet Scent in the position in the video to get 100% Durant horde) ►Train EV S.ATK : Lacunosa Town ► Route 12 (Light Grass) ►Train EV S.DEF : Seven Island (Kanto) ► Trainer Tower ►Train EV SPD : Lacunosa Town ► Route 12 (Dark Grass) Finally, hope it helps you, trainers. See you in PokeMMO.
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