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  1. I luv you bby

  2. what is this sorcery!

  3. Yea I saw in on their thread, I did not know that was in the finals though. I laughed. LF PSYCHIC.
  4. Rule # 4 of the internet, don't leave a Facebook full of 7th and 8th grade photos up. People will find it.
  5. Loooooooooooooooooool   Won't be here till Sunday night(I think) TJ Toast etc. etc. don't let thread go to shit while I'm gone. Ty
  6. Stopped by to see if shit posts, not bad. Cody you sir are just digging a hole, lemme go find the "LyleLeaderCody" Thread. Nothing beats that bowl cut you had, you looked like you had to ask your mom for permission to use the toaster. Kid eats white bread with butter.
  7. Going to school, if I come back to a bunch of shit posts everybody catching punches to the forehead.
  8. Kili is not in the team, just chills with us. Cody you are in no place to make fun of anyone's looks brah.
  9. On a serious note, and we know how rare that is for me: You've overstayed your welcome(if there was one). You're literally replying to everyone and anyone just for attention, which by the way is embarrassingly disgusting. I've already said it once and it's ridiculous that I have to repeat myself, this part goes for all: Stop shit posting, you're not annoying me personally but you're annoying others and you've literally managed to rack up numerous complaints in the 3 hours I have been home.
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