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  1. I luv you bby

  2. what is this sorcery!

  3. I hope you are not trying to imply that because you are all discussing it internally, that we should not be discussing it publicly. Because that's been done before when we tried to talk about account sharing and Xela came and locked the thread asap saying, we're discussing this ourselves already.
  4. With the more or less revival of PokeMMO OU Doubles in our midst, I think the ability to cancel the move of our 1st Pokemon is becoming a necessity. Ideally a player would have the ability to hit a "Cancel" button of some sort, I could go into how we should have a cancel button in Singles as well but that's another suggestion for another thread. DarkShade get on it you glorious bastard uguu.
  5. Acrostic poems are cool and all, this may not be the place for them though.   Edit: Too fucking weird, not really Rimelight. ;-;
  6. Tag team oceanic sounds solid   Edit: Lf Official w/ Ludicolo hat prize.
  7. Was there any word on the March TT?
  8. Agreed   Gonna call Black-or-White on this. Most serious comp players(As far as I am concerned) use calcs of some kind while building his comps. That being said, not only will you not remember all your calcs off the top of your head, as you'll be put in situations where the calc is not as simple as "Does this 1HKO" but rather, will your -1 superpower kill Steelix from that specific HP range(ex). you will always find new damage calcs to be done.  I wouldn't refer to being outplayed an entire match and pulling a win out because my opponent took a little over a miniute to calc as co
  9. My thing is, if 75 seconds was enough time, you wouldn't have people saying I was just calcing after getting DQ'd.(inb4 Liars) But on the topic of the above posted: If someone is legitimately taking their time that is a different story. There are players in tournaments, not AFK but actively calcing who have already devoted not just their tme into acquiring their comps, but depending on the round an hour or so into the tournament they are at, getting disqualified for taking 75 seconds to calc; and your response to them is You should Calc faster? Take your AFK wins somewhere else and let us w
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