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  1. I am one of the players who like to pass the story from scratch over and over again. I understand that for that you can create a character in your profile up to a limit of three, but I don't want to focus on that. Since a "good pokemon" is identified by its genetics, it becomes frustrating to capture pokemon for adventure. In addition, it becomes repetitive to normally capture the same pokemon. Example: Pidgey from route 1 I have passed the 4 regions with pokemon received by history or exchange in the adventure with NPC. I must say that it is less frustrating a
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    Hello People What if Icy Rock, Heat Rock, Damp Rock, Smooth Rock, and Light Clay didn't come equipped on wild Pokémon to be farmed and would only be earned exclusively as PvP rewards or purchased with high battle points like the choice Scarf? I must say that Pelipper who has the Damp Rock already has two additional items to farm. Which makes me think of pokemon with 3 equippable items like Meowth, the nugget could be removed. It would be great an update that adds value to items in PvP rewards and adjusts the prices of some items or by directly modifying some Wild Pokémon equipme
  3. He estado pensado, si se podría incorporar al chat un mensaje de los objeto encontrados y obtenidos en la aventura (mensaje de sistema). En objetos encontrados me refiero a las pokéball en el mapa que suele contener cualquier tipo de objetos y a los objetos que se encuentran al azar normalmente o con la habilidad recogida; En los objetos obtenidos me refiero a los objetos claves o cualquiera que te regalen los NPC. Debo decir que existe actualmente este "historial" cuando compras o usas objetos de las tiendas y servidor de comercio. ----------------------------------------------
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