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  1. Hello Pokemmo people I have thought of a consumable item Similar to the shiny charm, the magnet charm, the exp points charm... This article would focus on the nature of Pokémon. A modest charm that would increase the nature of wild pokemon to 50% (includes hordes). This idea arises because this nerf currently synchronizes from 50% to 20% and in 8th generation there is an object that directly changes nature. In addition, there could also be charms in relation to nature out of combat, for example: cute charm, suction cup or pickup.
  2. I am one of the players who like to pass the story from scratch over and over again. I understand that for that you can create a character in your profile up to a limit of three, but I don't want to focus on that. Since a "good pokemon" is identified by its genetics, it becomes frustrating to capture pokemon for adventure. In addition, it becomes repetitive to normally capture the same pokemon. Example: Pidgey from route 1 I have passed the 4 regions with pokemon received by history or exchange in the adventure with NPC. I must say that it is less frustrating and worrisome to notice their genetic since pokemon have gift ribbon. Gift pokémon have IVs at 15, neutral nature and cannot be exchanged. NPC personality and design A mysterious person "the man who sells illegal things". Pokemon level and number of NPC uses For the pokemon level there are two options: the first the pokemon to level 15 and the second is that it has the same level of the previous level of obedience. To avoid pokemon boxes with gift ribbon, there must be a limit and this would be 6 uses of this NPC per region. I propose to place the npc outside the guard stations between the route and the city. Upgrade the NPC We already have a random challenge adventure, now those who are looking for a monotype challenge adventure. The NPC when using it gives you the options to choose the pokemon: 1. Random 2. Plant Type 3. Water Type 4. Fire Type 5. Dragon type etc. If you choose plant type it will give you a random pokemon of that type. Ribbon gift as I said earlier it is frustrating for several players not to find a good pokemon and this helps to take a load off when capturing pokemon as the story goes on. There are also players who do not care about IVs and still use any pokemon for the story to later sell or release them. Having the gift ribbon makes these pokemon special and unique so many will not let go of them after finishing the story. I keep in mind that some pokemon cannot evolve by exchange but this is part of the challenge I guess. The NPCs make the player pass all the regions in a unique random challenge or monotype challenge, you would not have to worry about genetics and the pokemon would be tier LC.
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    Hello People What if Icy Rock, Heat Rock, Damp Rock, Smooth Rock, and Light Clay didn't come equipped on wild Pokémon to be farmed and would only be earned exclusively as PvP rewards or purchased with high battle points like the choice Scarf? I must say that Pelipper who has the Damp Rock already has two additional items to farm. Which makes me think of pokemon with 3 equippable items like Meowth, the nugget could be removed. It would be great an update that adds value to items in PvP rewards and adjusts the prices of some items or by directly modifying some Wild Pokémon equipment items.
  4. He estado pensado, si se podría incorporar al chat un mensaje de los objeto encontrados y obtenidos en la aventura (mensaje de sistema). En objetos encontrados me refiero a las pokéball en el mapa que suele contener cualquier tipo de objetos y a los objetos que se encuentran al azar normalmente o con la habilidad recogida; En los objetos obtenidos me refiero a los objetos claves o cualquiera que te regalen los NPC. Debo decir que existe actualmente este "historial" cuando compras o usas objetos de las tiendas y servidor de comercio. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have been thinking, if a message of the objects found and obtained in the adventure could be incorporated into the chat (system message). In found objects I mean the pokéballs on the map that usually contain any type of objects and the objects that are found at random normally or with the pickup ability; In the objects obtained I mean the key objects or whatever the NPCs give you. I must say that this "history" currently exists when you buy or use objects from the stores and GTS. *Primer post.
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