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  1. No sorry. I'm probably very lucky conscerning amulet coins farming because I can get some really quickly.
  2. Route 6 in Kanto, hordes. Best way to me, you can also drop metal coats there and thats kinda cool imo.
  3. I went to the pokepark, you don't need any specific Pokemon to enter
  4. FR : Wesh alors ENG : Hello
  5. Yeah no problem, even tho I use some themes that show green IVs/EVs
  6. Great but can't see green IVs/EVs on Surreal Sapphire.
  7. Just got 14 Amulet Coins while farming yesterday and made 236k in 1 hour. The update is great but some gamers are constantly mad lol
  8. Klaym

    Kinda new

    I'm already on the discord don't worry, but thanks btw
  9. Klaym

    Kinda new

    Oh oui une baguette, c'est sympa merci, on peut te DM sur Discord ?
  10. Klaym

    Kinda new

    Sup, I just logged onto the forum for the first time because I was somehow surprised of the recent news concerning Sinnoh I'm 18, french baguette, huge pokefan and interested by the strategic side of Pokemon https://imgur.com/a/Yhwr3EB cya lol
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