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  1. more Bumbay content suggested by ASKSHIT aka Bumbay lord
  2. (im not good in english) Ban shoulder bag in global trade link pls I want to buy Cosmetics in lowest price but Almost all cosmetics in low price are Shoulder bag. 50 boxes of shoulder bag in lowest price tag
  3. Rom hacks for Pokemmo?
  4. Cause of Death? Cant trust people in April "1" day its just a joke bruhhh
  5. Add Classes <Poke Catcher > +3% Catch rate +5% rare pokemon encounter <Poke bredder> 10 less Time hatching 10% discount in bredder items (=^ェ^=)
  6. Dragon type So OP need Fairy type
  7. <Silver battlepass> -free -less reward <gold battlepass> -cheap 5$ -More rewards
  8. (Not good @ english) Add free battlepass for free players <SILVER BATTLEPASS> Add 5$ battlepass for people have money in their Creditcard <GOLD BATTLEPASS> {Quest} -Catch 25-50 pokemon -catch a pokemon with adamant nature -Catch 10 bug type pokemon -Hatch 5 eggs -ETC {REWARDS} (Silver Battlepass) -25k-50k -shiny pokemon -Outfit -rare pokemon (Gold Battlepass) -50k-100k -Rare shiny pokemon -Masterball -Rare Outfit -modded pokemon skins <Result> -people will spend time in pokemmo longer -people will spend money -MANY PROFIT
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