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  1. Hello Community! I just started Pokemmo and can I just say I love the idea! It has been a blast so far. I also hope there is some sort of Easter event like they had for Halloween! My thought was to have an increase in Exeggcute encounters in all regions and if possible, give them an Easter Variation, where each one is a different color, maybe recode it so these Pokémon do not evolve. But you could have them be a currency of sorts to trade for cool vanity and Easter themed items in the cities, the event NPCs can dress like formal bunnies (similar to FIRE EMBLEM HEROES if you have ever played that) and chickens. I think it would be fun and perfectly combine the Easter egg hunt of Easter with the Pokémon hunt of the normal game. If you need ideas or someone to recolor the exeggcute sprite, please let me know! Thanks for listening and have a wonderful Easter! Or April if you don't celebrate that kind of thing. Let me know if you have anything to add or ideas! :) I love to hear other people's ideas as well.
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