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  1. I am a pokemmo player who has just had one and a half months' experience in the game. In less than 300h of game time, I have completed the basic plot in the game, caught the flash treasure dream, experienced the common ways of making money in various games, filled about 300RMB, and also had my own guild. I uploaded relevant activities in the activity board, and brought my guild members to enjoy the guild I am also a group leader of 2000 qqpokemmo people. I want to help more people understand and experience this game. It can be said that for pokemmo, its unique attraction is undoubted. No matter what the advantages of RPG game are now, or whether it connects the players who love Baoke dream game all over the world, its development prospects are very clear. Of course, a good game, there are bound to be some small flaws, there will be some players will go to find holes in the game. First of all, it has to be said that the existence of the black market outside the game is indeed inevitable. Looking carefully, most of its object-oriented products are just budding, and they will feel that full individual value is very important. As an old version of the game, baokemeng is relatively slow, which is certainly a difficult thing for new players not to hatch. Does the player deliberately destroy the game mechanism? Obviously not. It's caused by pokemmo's bid up the price of money. As we all know, the price of rare goods will increase exponentially. This is also the principle of flash treasure dream. Although I admit that pokemmo has done a good job in punishing RMT, can we consider increasing the amount of money in the plot or devaluing the currency to share the pressure of the detection system? When it comes to the detection system, we are most afraid of it. Although the official data is less than 3% missealed, for the old players who want to play with their friends, the system can't even help their friends normally. Will the new players be far away from the retreat? Presumably their friendship will be affected. At this time, it's impossible to provide a platform for friend certification Is that right? You can specify the number of authentication for a person. If the authentication is successful, you can subsidize it for a period of time. Even if the player who wants to withdraw wants to exchange cash, he doesn't need to worry about the account number. On the contrary, he can make the number of active people more and make the player feel that their account number has a certain value, rather than being blocked casually. Secondly, the development of the game platform really needs some funds. Because of some infringement, only in the name of the donor can collect the fees to support the server operation, and for the current situation in the game, it can maintain a certain balance in the demand and supply, for example, it can maintain the balance of everyone's buying time through the continuous appreciation or devaluation of fashion, but the rapid development of games in the current game industry Will it really go far? Why can't we make bold innovations in this kind of game? For players who have completed four regions, most of them will choose to leave because they have no follow-up story. Although they have been open for two weeks, who can have a good impression on the NPC they face repeatedly? What I want to say is that the development of the game should tend to the situation it is facing. For today's pokemmo, it is much better to adopt a positive and active attitude than to rely on the guild activities and official activities to attract popularity. It can slightly improve the rewards (or time limit) donated by players, temporarily make up for the fund needed to maintain development, and update some new models, such as the current popular ones It's a good choice to choose the self-propelled chess mode or real-time confrontation of large room. Although the classic of baokemeng is hard to replace, it's a wise move to sublimate the game in the copy mode. I wish pokemmo a better game! -Suggestions from the heart of a player who loves pokemmo 致亲爱的pokemmo设计师的一封信: 我是一名刚刚仅有一个半月游戏经历的pokemmo玩家,在仅有不到300h的游戏时长里,我完成了游戏内的基础剧情,抓捕过闪光宝可梦,体验过各类游戏内常见的赚钱方法,充过约300rmb,也有了自己的公会,在活动板块上传过相关活动情况,带我的公会成员享受到了公会系统的魅力,我也是一个2000人QQpokemmo群的群主,想要帮助更多人来了解和感受这款游戏,可以说对于pokemmo这款游戏,它独特的吸引力是毋庸置疑的,不论是现今RPG游戏的优势所在,还是它将全世界热爱宝可梦游戏的玩家连在了一起,其发展前景都十分的明朗。 当然,一款优秀的游戏,势必会有一些小的瑕疵,也会有一些玩家会去寻找游戏的漏洞。首先,不得不说的是,游戏外黑市的存在确实是无可避免的,仔细来看,其面向对象大多数为刚刚入坑的萌新,他们会觉得满个体值非常重要,而复刻的宝可梦作为老版游戏游戏进展相对缓慢,对于新人不会孵蛋当然是一件困难的事。而玩家是故意去破坏游戏机制吗?显然并不是,是因为pokemmo哄抬货币价格所导致的,众所周知,稀有物品的价格会成倍的上涨,闪光宝可梦也是这个原理,虽然我承认pokemmo对rmt这种处罚行为做的很好,但是不是可以考虑增加一下剧情的货币量或是货币贬值来分担一下检测系统的压力呢?而说到检测系统,大家最担惊受怕的就是它了,虽然官方给出的数据中误封率不足3%,但对于老玩家想拉朋友一起玩,却碍于系统连一些正常帮助朋友的行为都无法完成,那新玩家离退坑还会远吗,想必他们的友谊也会受影响吧,这时提供一个朋友认证的平台不可以吗?可以去规定一个人的认证数量,在认证成功的情况下可以在一段时间内资助,即使是想退游的玩家想拿来换一笔现金,那他也不用担心账号,相反,可以让活跃人数更多,让玩家觉得他们的账号有一定的价值,而不是被随便的封掉。 其次,游戏平台的发展确实需要一定的资金。由于一些侵权行为,只能以捐赠者名义收取支持服务器运行的费用,而对于现在的游戏内的情况,确实在需求供应方面能保持一定的平衡,例如可以通过时装的不断增值或者贬值来维持大家买时装达到平衡的状态,但是这样下去的游戏在现今游戏行业高速发展的形势下真的会走远吗?我们为什么不可以在这种复刻后的游戏大胆创新呢?对于完成四个地区的玩家,他们中会有绝大多数人因为没有后续剧情而选择离开,虽然开放了二周目,但谁能对重复面对的npc产生好感呢?我想说的是,游戏的发展要趋于其面对的形势,对于现在的pokemmo来说,采取积极活跃的态度远比这种平时靠公会活动和官方活动吸引人气要好的多,可以小幅提高玩家捐赠的奖励(或是限时),来暂时弥补所需维持开发的基金,来更新一些新颖的模式,像如今流行的自走棋模式,或是大房间类实时对抗,都是不错的选择,固然宝可梦的经典难以取代,但在复刻模式下能够进行游戏的升华不失为一种明智之举。 祝pokemmo这款游戏越办越好!-来自一名热爱pokemmo的玩家发自内心的建议
  2. 奖品已发放完毕,请中奖人员注意签收,感谢大家的参与!
  3. 活动奖励名单如下: 第一名:tbnbone 163 9:40:41 第二名:HeRobrien 158 9:16:03 第三名:muxer 155 9:22:09 非酋:bual 31 9:22:07 参与奖:sabidalao 成绩将在11:30前通过邮件发放,感谢各位的参加! 代码: 抽奖结果:
  4. 活动截图 参与奖截止时间21:55分 代码段与抽取结果及活动获奖信息会在活动结束公布
  5. 主办公会 Kocodayo 公会标签 Koco 公会会长 BilibiliHibikase 日期 星期三 2020年2月26日 活动地点 关都地区 常磐森林 5频 活动时长 活动时间 21:00-22:00 提交时间 22:00-22:20 计分方式 个体值总和 + 性格分 = 最终成绩 性格加分 固执+5 勇敢+3 有效的参赛精灵 绿毛虫 规则 要获奖,需提交一只个体值最高的精灵 必需在规定活动时间及指定地点内捕捉 您必须是精灵宝可梦的OT 平局情况下,最先抓到的胜出 游戏内私聊主持人Link发送精灵 抽取一名回复本贴的参赛者获得参与奖 请公会成员于20:40准时在常磐森林五频合影留念! 领奖方式 公会会长通过邮寄方式向获奖者发送奖励 赞助人 BilibiliHibikase xyuuu iLwv fekeriii 主持人 lcbskr handsomeverymuch 奖励 第一名:1000奖励点 第二名:5v毒骷蛙+护符金币*15 第三名:4v迷你龙+3v乌波 参与奖:3v鲤鱼王+学习装置*3 非酋奖:精灵球一组
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