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  1. [quote name='Xiren' timestamp='1362544417' post='219745'] Yup...that or pedobear. Geodude... Can't think if good name for him [/quote] How about Stoned Pebble(r) Fist's O' Fury Double Stumped (No legs joke) Geoffrey Stallone and I could go on but the rest are hardly connected. Hope this helped!
  2. [quote name='kloneman' timestamp='1361277084' post='203352'] Welcome to the forums, I'm sure you will enjoy your time here! Also i noticed you were English by your video, I'm also from England, but you don't get many of our kind round these parts. [/quote] Haha, try and find another Scotsman. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one here as most of us are busy eating haggis and tending to our sheep. Also, welcome Sidera! I hope you are enjoying PokeMMO! I watched a few videos of yours including you're set up video and your setup is rather impressive! I hope to see you in game.
  3. I named my Arcanine Richard Parker and one of my Omanytes Night. Good names or bad?
  4. God, your .gif signature is amazing! Mind if I use it?

  5. http://imgur.com/LwoFw Champion Terry (the rival who I actually called Gary but I guessthats just a bug) owns an exeggutor on with the skin of the pokemon I think is called toshido?
  6. Who recorded me when I was sleeping!? & where was my watch! did it get caught on that algae again? But still, great video
  7. Thanks Sparky! These waters are extremely fun to swim in yet that Golden Magikarp everyone is trying to find keeps pesking me about his amazing attack 'splash' as he calls it. You wander around a bit do you? Well, I have heard that In Saffron City there are no lakes! So I dont dare go anywhere near the place! Have you wandered there from viridian forest lately? Also last time I tried the guard picked me up and tried to put me in his salad! Ridicoulous! I almost smashed the plate & I went clambering back to the sea, Traumatized. And these lands arent good to us, Pesky Humans keep thinking Im one of those common snails! They must have really bad eyesight since Im not that small!I kinda rambled aswell didnt I? Ah well, at least we can ramble together.
  8. Thank You for the welcome, You have two omanytes you say? Do you take them in for weekly maintenance? sometimes the shells can get a bit crusty or a few limpets might have latched on to its underbelly. So do be careful my dear sir. And thanks again for the welcome
  9. It was horrible they kept us in a dark room for months, and you wouldn't imagine the things we had to do to stay alive. Im sure it was a horrible time for you, I feel sorry for the clones who didnt get there uniform alive -_- bless there cloned souls
  10. Right Now I only have 3 my dear clone, but If you can teach me how you where made I could have millions!
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