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  1. [quote name='Xiren' timestamp='1362544417' post='219745'] Yup...that or pedobear. Geodude... Can't think if good name for him [/quote] How about Stoned Pebble(r) Fist's O' Fury Double Stumped (No legs joke) Geoffrey Stallone and I could go on but the rest are hardly connected. Hope this helped!
  2. I named my Arcanine Richard Parker and one of my Omanytes Night. Good names or bad?
  3. God, your .gif signature is amazing! Mind if I use it?

  4. http://imgur.com/LwoFw Champion Terry (the rival who I actually called Gary but I guessthats just a bug) owns an exeggutor on with the skin of the pokemon I think is called toshido?
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