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  1. well.. download discord.. xD to be fair they post the events here on the forum, if you really don't want to miss it then put it in your own personal calender. they also start announcing it every +-15 minutes 1 hour prior to the event in the global chat.. unnecessary to add if you ask me
  2. when 1 signature is not enough LOL , really enjoyed making your signatures, if you are looking for a neat signature with moving elements in it --------> only pro people click on this
  3. Makes 0 sense to me tbh, I hope you find something that entartains you again, best of luck
  4. as long as you don't have a shiny living dex you haven't completed the game.. :P Pokemon is just a simple game, you are the one that needs to find the entertainment in it..
  5. They are currently working on new content (sinnoh), they are doing enough to keep the game interesting for players.. Perhaps you should try to find other things to do ingame if you are bored and not state that the game is dead.
  6. so complaining about the current situation that you described is keeping the game alive?
  7. You can join the official discord, all the events get announced on it
  8. it was a cool movie, but they shouldn't have made the feature to pick another option instead the one you chose in the first place on the end.. It became confusing and I didn't know what I picked and what not xD
  9. Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay on this awesome game!
  10. I still like it, i think if you blur the outlines of the gengar it would blend in more and make it looks even cooler
  11. Hey there,

    your signature is done and in the forum post

  12. Hard to find good quality art on such a new released character.. here you go @Zehkar
  13. Sure thing, I can't message you on the forum.. can you message me for some minor details
  14. You have the best signature of them all


    1. Dugzey


      thank you my friend

  15. Pikachu had a rough night and is seeing double(s) Date & TIme Saturday June 8th 1PM EDT Time Zone Converter Details Doubles Clauses: Sleep/OHKO/Pristine/Species/Hax Item/Evasion/Bag Item/Time/Self KO/Item Clause Location: Island 4 ch1 PC 1st Place Prize: 1M 2nd Place Prize: 300k
  16. There will always be a day when the the pupil becomes the master
  17. Legendaries besides Mewtwo and Rayquaza are not obtainable in Pokemmo. Mewtwo and Rayquaza will be yours for as long as you keep winning player battles and stay online. in other words you can't keep them forever.
  18. ofcourse she will be one of the best, I taught her!
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