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  1. Play untill you meet all the requirements and then just apply ^^
  2. Are shiny psyducks 1/100 rate now? what is up with all these ducks lately !
  3. Need dittos for an egg hunt Contact me if you are a ditto seller ^^ Ign: Fixedgaming Disc: Fixedgaming#7506 Or send me a message on the forum
  4. Another signature for @MathewMat , prob the 4th one by now ? xD <3
  5. Fail #4 in the hunt for beldum / bagon. 5 months in this cave, send help pls
  6. and got that duosion :D https://clips.twitch.tv/HungryWiseOwlPartyTime
  7. It took me 11 months to get a shiny karp. 98.000 solo encounters. It took me 1428 eggs to get charizard.. it is just random, if you really want a shiny go hunt it and stick to it till u get it!
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