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  1. The lottery is now closed, you cannot enter anymore! the winner will be drawn later today
  2. you're new in the team? havent seen you online :P <3
  3. Pabloalonso was not able to respond on this post, therefore I post for him. Pabloalonso - 33
  4. 【Team Lava Lottery】 =========================================================================================== =========================================================================================== 【Price】 Noctowl★ Nature: Hasty IVs: 30/2/10/15/15/1 Moves: Take down / Reflect / Air slash / Uproar 【Details】 Select a number between 1/75, comment your chosen number and ingame player name. Only Team Läva members are allowed to join the lottery! @MathewMat is the sponsor and host of this event, he will use a random number picker that will decide the winner. 【Date】 Winner will be drawn on 18/8/2019 =========================================================================================== 【Entries】 1. Mightyboxer2. MinhHoang3. Getovaherez4. Nikhill5.6. Imbatman7. Samehada8. Cypherino9. Deemoaaron10.11. MzKplayZ12. ShinyJirachii13. Lorcan14. BrokenGirl15.16. AwesomeCaleb17. Xigbaar18. Branni19. Liiaa20. PoseidonWrath21. Serpentlord22.23. Doubledee24. Alphakru25. Austincider26.27. Dstax28. Leviatharian29. 30. soepoke31. AlRagum32.33. Pabloalonso34. DrSidious35.36. DemonBone37. NhokPies38. BrokenBulb39.40. Acarus41. Cali42. TechnoVortex43.44. Alzyr45. LordMav46. Willfer47. XanFere48. Fixedgaming49.50. Kibbz51. Hercules52.53. 54.55. Marynal56.57. Imperfectionist58. Daeynis59.60. XRDZIIN61.62. PatataVerde63.64. FrOStyGamesYT65.66. DinoFish67.68. Areille69. Dibz70.71.72.73. octet74. Kunimizu75. SarcasticOtter
  5. iewl who cares about non ots
  6. the rate is 1/30.000, with a donator status it is 1/27.000 which I would not consider as p2win.. yes, it is way more difficult to find a shiny than in the nds/gba games
  7. Date & TImeSunday July 21th 1PM EDT | Time zone converter Details OU Clauses: Sleep/OHKO/Pristine/Species/Hax Item/Evasion/Bag Item/Time/Self KO/Item Clause Location: Island 4 ch1 PC Host @MathewMat 1st Place Prize: 1 M 2nd Place Prize: 300k
  8. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date July 20th Time 1pm EDT - Time zone converter Location Victory road (top entrance), Kanto, Ch2 Duration 1 hour for catching Another 10 minutes for players to submit entries Scoring Total Sum of IVs + Species Bonus + Nature Bonus = Total Score Pokemon accepted as valid entries Onix (Species: no bonus) (Bold Nature: +3 Points) Marowak Ekans (Species: no bonus) (Species: +3 Points) (Jolly Nature: +3 Points) (Modest Nature: +3 Points) Rules Only members of team läva are allowed to join this event. To win this event u must submit an entry that scores the highest in total Your entry must be caught within the time of the event is held Your entry must be unchanged(untrained/unevolved) Your entry has to be your ot You can only submit 1 pokemon as entry If a score tie occurs ,the winner will be determinated by the earliest catch time Host @MathewMat (or @Fixedgaming) 「 1st Prize 」 1m 「 2nd Prize 」 300k
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