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  1. Hunting for Beldum / Bagon Fail #1 (hopefully the last :D )
  2. you need to download the program called : deskpins this will make it stick on top
  3. Hi welcome to Pokemmo, it took me 11 months , 98.163 solo encounters to get shiny karp, I hope you are more lucky than I am ^^ Now that karp is in hordes it could be an easy hunt, just stay focussed on the shiny and don't give in! enjoy the game
  4. Contact the mods and tell them about the situation, but consider the money lost..
  5. oef big yikez, hope u get it back but im afraid you have to accept the fact that its gone
  6. google,. Particles *specific color* gif Make sure your file size is atleast 250+ resolution
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