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  1. Congrats to all the winners! All the winners received their prize(s) by mail
  2. Waiting on @seth to pick the winners !
  3. Removed: Jacuya XanarchyNL since they are not a member of team AIR in game. No more entries from this point
  4. Added the new participants, welcome to team AIR ^^
  5. #36 is already taken, please pick another number
  6. Ty all for the donations! We have an incredible prizepool already with alot of prizes
  7. Since it is funded by teammembers, I also do participate and take the number #33
  8. -\\ Rules //- Rules are pretty simple members of team AIR Only (ingame and forums) - 1 entry per member is allowed - No alts acounts are allowed How to participate Comment your ingame name and chosen number below to participate in the lottery Prizes This lottery is funded by team AIR players! If you want to donate something for the lottery, please mail it to me. thank you for the donations, I listed all the prizes below. Date and Time The Lottery will end at 1st of January 2022 Winners will be announced later that day the shuffle is complete random via number randomizer so all members have the same chance to win there are multiple winners so plenty of chances for each player! @Seth will be the host of the event and rolling the numbers! ty ❤️ Thank you to all the donators!! - 7 day donator status (Fixedgaming) - Custom signature for on the forums valued at 750K (Fixedgaming) - Zombie Head vanity (Fixedgaming) - Military cap (Kupokun) - Red dragon body (Kupokun) - Eerie Howl Particle effect (Kupokun) - Jester hat (Holynoodles) - Zombie head (Holynoodles) - ox costume (Holynoodles) - red oni mask (Holynoodles) - 1.000.000 yen (Masterkeyys) - 1.000.000 yen (Masterkeyys) - Mage's staff (Masterkeyys) - 1.000.000 yen (Smokesupreme) - 500.000 yen (Jasean) - Shiny charm (Youngsterlance) - Pharaoh outfit (Youngsterlance) - Ox horns (Youngsterlance) - Competetive Toxicroak (Holynoodles) - Competetive Cloyster (Holynoodles) - 3x31 Blastoise (DarkShake) - 3x31 Blastoise (DarkShake) - 3x31 Typhlosion (DarkShake) 1 aPKMNTrainer 2 3 UrCute 4 Jasean 5 Goinggeek 6 7 8 MikeRunkzz 9 Vorsdk 10 IHackedRNG 11 12 13 petemitchell 14 thijsvdbrand 15 SamTheSloth 16 17 18 19 20 Goombakid 21 Kupokun 22 xAiri 23 Holynoodle 24 25 26 MollayX 27 Youngsterlance 28 29 30 GoatedGio 31 32 33 Fixedgaming 34 Darkshake 35 36 AngelEvergarden 37 38 MackusDJ 39 40 41 42 SmokeSupreme 43 44 ShayTheGymLeader 45 46 47 RikkiQut 48 Psychotobes 49 50 Pokemonpocher 51 52 53 CasualQt 54 Escon 55 56 Zonure 57 58 59 pacakgalo 60 Elesaaa
  9. I'll take #32 Ty for hosting ❤️ - Fixedgaming
  10. --/// TEAM AÏR FIND & CATCH EVENT \\\-- Rules - To enter this event u have to be Air Team Member or invited guest. - Either Masterkeyys or me is hosting this event. - Calling out the described pokemon while the round is still going, will make you disqualified. Time and location Kanto ch.1 Friday 12th of november 6 EET Meet 10 minutes before the event starts to avoid a delay The event So I came up with this new type of event combining the hide and seek and catching event. We have 6 rounds of 10 minutes each. The round starts with a hint about a specific pokemon, every 2 minutes you will get another hint up to 3 hints. You will have to figure out which specific pokemon is being described by the hints and catch it in the region kanto. After 10 minutes you can submit your highest IV catch, highest IV wins the round! Prizes 150k per round winner total of 6 rounds May the luck be in your favor Fixedgaming
  11. You sir , are a legend! This is way better than the previous tool I posted! Well done!
  12. meanwhile im here on 150865 solo and egg encounters for beldum.. TELL ME YOUR SECRET
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