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  1. Here are mine: Marowak: 1120 Machamp: ? random Charizard: 1428 eggs Magikarp: 98163 solo enc Sneasel : first one in 30525 , second one 2400 Luxray: 67920 Duskull: 30880 Swablu: 11892 Muk: 14760 Golbat: 26718 Solrock: 27842 Solrock: 21831 Luantone: 9520 And currently 148.000 on beldum 😧
  2. requirements : Make it cool and dark colors preferably @EricRasp
  3. You have no idea what you got yourself into... (i'm on 142k beldum /bagon)
  4. He is lying, it is bad!!
  5. currently 132.600 in a solo /egg hunt for beldum bagon, 1 year has passed.. no luck yet
  6. @LordHydra why just stick at 1 signature if you can have 2 :D
  7. And if you use it again it will teleport you back to the previous location? Lets not make it to easy here :D
  8. What program are you using? If you use photoshop and need any help feel free to msg me.. I made my own design as well, very neat to create something custom
  9. Hasty nature.. I want to sell, what price would it be
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