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  1. @Sethsen ask @hannahtaylorabout the details, I will pay for it. All the other winners , congrats!!! I will send you the prices later today / tomorrow <3
  2. First of all, thank you all for the birthday wishes ingame /discord etc! The winners of the lottery are: --- Pharaoh headress winning number : # 58 @Festive Proof --- Pharaoh outfit winning number : # 68 @MoxieMozzie Proof --- Donator status 7 days winning number : #25 @Oldenman Proof --- 500RP voucher winning number : #30 @noomuch Proof --- A Custom signature from fixed's signature shop winning number : #14 @Bzuuggoo Proof --- A comp pokemon bred by the one and only @hannahtaylor winning num
  3. Lottery is Closed! You can not join anymore.. In 3 days the winners will be drawn Goodluck!!
  4. You are not a member of the team, or invited by me.. sorry
  5. @sethsen made a general guide that might be usefull but the best tip is... stay consistent don't give up. Some shinies show up in 1 week, others in 1 year
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