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  1. Another signature for @MathewMat , prob the 4th one by now ? xD <3
  2. Fail #4 in the hunt for beldum / bagon. 5 months in this cave, send help pls
  3. and got that duosion :D https://clips.twitch.tv/HungryWiseOwlPartyTime
  4. It took me 11 months to get a shiny karp. 98.000 solo encounters. It took me 1428 eggs to get charizard.. it is just random, if you really want a shiny go hunt it and stick to it till u get it!
  5. In all those years have u ever consistently hunted for a shiny?
  6. No need for a counter when you can count it on your fingers! xD grats
  7. Wait... I have 2.864 hours in this game?! How do I get them back?
  8. This tool is not outdated, make sure to follow the steps provided in the tutorial to start it, and nope this tool won't help u with getting shinies.
  9. Welcome to pokemmo!
  10. Isn't that what makes safari hunting fun? If you dare to hunt there you need to face the risks... leave it as it is if you ask me
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