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    wait, why did you close the topic? I asked her she told me that she traded seeds with someone else with her pokemon and she sold those yesterday and today she sold the ocarina. that's why she got 2450000 today. Was that count as RMT for exchanging pokemon with items?

    1. yuly2


      Hi, Desu

      Dude, thanks for letting me know the the situation here. I understand this time it's her fault for sure. Is there any chance she can get her banned appeal this time by delete the money she got from selling the seeds and only keep the ocarina income? It's not good to see a friend got disappointed by a game thinking of all the effort she put here. Please?

    2. razimove
  2. I don't understand what did she do made you said she RMT'd again on her new account? for what???
  3. She just sold a ocarina? anything wrong with that? Is that how you treat players?
  4. Why did you banned her new account now? any reason?
  5. I asked her how much she got in her account she told me she never got that rich before. Why? I trust my friend, any trade history can explain that?
  6. I introduced her this game, we play this together all the time. All she got is just some pokemon (no higher than 2V)and some items total less than 20k from me in game. She's so poor in the game all the time and can't even finish Kanto region yet. The fact is that she got banned for RMT but this is ridiculous. I'm sure she doesn't even know how to buy gold from others. Why don't you admit that it was a mistake? She's totally disappointed to this game already. I'm just complaining here because I know you guys don't even care. I know there are tons of people out there got the same situation here. You can check the account: yuly668008 to see if I'm telling the truth. Try give me some evidence then I'll shut up.
  7. How could you banned people for no reason? All the effort, time and money I spent in this game all gone in 1 day. RMT? any evidence? If you don't allow free trade between friends at all, just cut down the function. Getting two 1V pokemmon from friends for free is not allowed? Are you serious this could be the reason for you to ban a player?
  8. Good game terrible management. My friend got banned right after she bought some clothes from the game gift shop for no reason. Does the game allow trading between friends at all? Are you trying to cut down the number of players? Rache, you didn't give me any evidence for RMT you just copy and paste some shit when people post an banned appeal.
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