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  1. If a pokemon has 2 abilities u can switch between the 2 using an ability pill. The pokedex shows how many abilities a mon has and also what they do.
  2. 1: Just focus on building a good team the gyms and elite4 are hard. you can fill out the dex post game. 2: just finishing the regions and having fun I recommend Unova > Hoenn > Kanto > Sinnoh 3: Sandile is a solid choice you will find it in unova, gengar and lilligant are also good imo. They aren't necessary though you can get by with any mons you desire just note the challenges ahead. 4: The pokedex has a lot of good info like when u learn moves n such. Forums have great info on where to locate items and pokemon also you don't need to worry much about end game stuff, you'll learn as you play. don't be afraid to ask me any questions. Enjoy The Game!
  3. krook w moxie and try to ev train it lilligant also carried me w quiver dance
  4. loading up geforce experience caused a crash on my computer forcing a restart ig cuz theyre both overlays? anyways is there any way to save the data and put it onto the redownloaded version? like specific mon #'s and such Edit #1 I was able to locate the save data and drag them into the redownloaded version.
  5. you would need to buy an amnesia brace and lead with scyther then switching to a pokemon that can kill the hordes
  6. I gotta bump this. Im tired of scrolling down to reach repeat balls i want to be able to rearrange my shit
  7. the guide is outdated all u need is a banette with frisk and thief and mon w rocksmash
  8. this isnt new lol im pre sure they already did nerf it
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