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  1. Even though I was having fun with the OU team, I decided to switch to UU. I've came up with this team: > Torkoal: I gave up on Solar Beam as suggested, and replaced it with Stealth Rocks. > Whimsicott: I replaced Encore with Leech Seed since Encore is difficult to use, even when used against a boosting Pokémon, 3 turns aren't enough to switch and K.O. him. > Exeggutor: I replaced Psychic with Psyshock. > Typhlosion is a must in UU, Eruption under the sun, with Choice Specs and Modest nature is devastating at full health. However, I'm in doubt if replacing Flamethrower with Fire Blast or not... the same for Extrasensory, with Hidden Power Rock. What would you suggest me? > Flygon is there to outspeed almost everything, with Jolly Nature and Choice Scarf; Fire Punch is nice under the Sun. I still have to replace Arcanine, which is OU, with a UU physical fire sweeper. I was thinking to replace him with Blaziken (that takes neutral damage from Stealth Rocks), do you think he will fit well with this team? What moveset would you suggest me? Are there any other good physical fire sweepers? Thanks for the help!
  2. I started to test the team, i'm currently using: Torkoal/Whimsicott as leads Exeggutor (I'm thinking to switch Psychic with Psyshock to take out Chanseys/Blisseys in 2 turns, sacrificing 15 base power) Arcanine (I still don't have a good Darmanitan, but Arcanine is performing really well, and has also access to ExtremeSpeed) Volcarona (excellent special sweeper, maybe I'll test also Chandelure later on) Scarfed Togekiss to outspeed opponent sweepers (and of course with flamethrower to benefit from sun boost) This team is performing really well, I didn't made so many matches, but I often ended up winning in a couple of minutes against teams made mostly of OU mons. I'll keep testing it to check the most critical weaknesses.
  3. Memento instead of U-Turn, or instead of another move? And what about the EV spread? − 252 HP/252 Def − 252 HP/252 SDef − 252 Def/252 SDef − 252 HP/128 Def/128 SDef Maybe the last one would be the best choise to wall all kind of attackers.
  4. I made the calculations and I noticed that even Lava Plume can OHKO Cloyster after Shell Smash! In this case probably Solar Beam should be removed....
  5. But I often encounter Cloyster as a lead, and 99% of times he will Shell Smash against Torkoal... and Solar Beam will always OHKO him after one Shell Smash (provided he doesn't have a Focus Sash or White Herb of course). Regarding Whimsicott, you convinced me with U-Turn/Encore/Defog/Sunny Day. I'll think carefully about all of yuor precious hints, and then I'll choose the remaining 3. Unfortunately actually I only have the Pokéyen for a decent Whimsicott, I'll need to grind more money to invest on other mons... do you suggest me to breed them for good IVs, or buy them directly on GTL (even with only 2-3x31)?
  6. Thank you all for the great hints. Whimsicott seems to be a perfect wall for this team, the "Priority Sunny Day" convinced me! However I'm still in doubt for the other three moves... − Leech Seed can be useful to recover the health lost to cast a sunny day; − Protect can be useful for move scouting/health recovery after leech seed; − Toxic can be used to stall walls; − Defog is really handy since it has always +1 priority (however I prefer rapid spin , since Defog removes also enemies hazards); − Encore to stall enemies trying to setup; − U-Turn to keep the momentum. It's hard to choose only 3 of them (since Sunny Day is the key move). Which moveset could work better for this team? Maybe the Toxic stall strategy could be too slow and I would waste sun turns (as said by MHkaserz)... so maybe Leech Seed/Defog/Encore, or Leech Seed/Defog/U-Turn could be the best options (or even Encore/Defog/U-Turn, however the health recover would be less). One last doubt about Torkal moveset... I can't decide if it'd be better to remove Toxic, Solar Beam or Rapid Spin for Stealth Rocks.... − Solar Beam saved me a couple of time since it deals a lot of damage when supereffective; − Toxic can always be useful to take out walls, however it can still be too slow; − Rapid Spin is important since most of the teammates are fire type, and rocks must always be kept away (however it won't work if the opponent has ghost Pokémon), Thanks for the help!
  7. Hi everyone, I've been playing PokeMMO PvP since September, and I know what are the most relevant mons for the actual metagame. I managed to made a decent team with a good strategy; however, I started to get bored to use always the same Pokémon. I often see rain teams, but I rarely see sun teams. I then started to think of a sun team which could potentially be competitive also in OU. I know it's not that easy, since Ninetales can't have Draught up to now... but I want to give a try. I've already chosen the first three mons of the team: Exeggutor is my favourite Pokémon and must be there... in the past I used to run it with Sunny Day to keep the sun after Pelipper/Tyranitar switchs in, but recently I found it much more useful to use Hidden Power fire to counter a lot 4x weak mons such as Ferrothorm, Scizor, and also other annoying steel types such as Magnezone. Torkal is needed to set up the sun upon switching. I'm still in doubt for what move to take out for Stealth Rock... Solar Beam could be a bless for countering x4 weak mons (Swampert), however I almost never use it, due to the low Special Attack stat of Torkoal. Arcanine is just perfect for this team: Flare Blitz under the sun is devastating, and a fire physical sweeper comes really handy against Will-O-Wisp walls. For the other three Pokémon of the team, I have no Idea what could be the best choices. Up to now, I'm using for the fourth and fifth: I like Umbreon as a general wall. Foul Play is a need to counter Dragon Dance/Swords Dance physical sweepers, and is useful to heal teammates HP. I can't decide whether Toxic should be replaced with Heal Bell or not... however, since my physical sweeper can't be burned, I think I'll stick with Toxic. Gengar is just a temporary special sweeper, with different coverage from Exeggutor, but maybe it doesn't fits well in this team. About the last Pokémon, I have really no idea... I'm trying with a couple of walls I already had in the previous team: Or even another physical sweeper: However, non of these seems to work well (I tryed one of these last three mons since I already had them available). Can you give me any advices on the last 2-3 Pokémon to invest in for this sun team?
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