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  1. so party hat is actually limited.. smh
  2. is not worth after shed gone and 6 hrs cooldown, IN MY OPINION.
  3. If They actually check forums.. Very few people actually check forums and going to MMO code of conduct page is like... Yea nobody does that. This suggestion is intended for people who come to forums after getting their account banned so his points are somewhat valid as Bear said.
  4. Ask chinese money printers about this, I think even old players are seeing these kind of ridiculous price bumps for the first time and YES, IF I sell link the mask in trade chat someone will offer 14m for it... Golden mask actually has a lot of demand so it doesn't .Feel odd but GTL can't always be followed for price checks due to the way it's running, like who is gonna 70m for Nutcracker? I'd rather buy golden mask as it looks better (i feel so). New players can barely pay that amount of money even old players will struggle I believe but who knows.. there are a lot new money printers in game, 500-800m is nothing for them. So either get crushed on the fast paced money printers race or just stop buying them. The time limited vanity section is now just a item cloning game between a few money printing groups. Please don't delete it mods.
  5. God Level answer. Game rp/vanity=pokecash economy is already insane, adding this won't effect non donators(they rather grind somewhere else) but donators and devs, let's gooooo +1
  6. Cool but.. You can't expect a perfect android version where only a few developers are working on it, none of the listed suggestions are game-breaking or a bug so I don't like it xD the developers can rather do HAs, Dungeons etc. Those are Hotkeys and it's used for registering most used items, Medicines , berry etc. It's really really helpful when you reach the end game and grind for days or farm for days.
  7. Why? Just why revive a 8 year old thread.
  8. I hope you never enter in safari again.
  9. Yea of course I do but doesn't matter.
  10. Let me add your thread will end up same like that, it's just the future version of your thread.
  11. Past: "We'll add dungeons and Sinnoh later, we're currently working on them, We'll change the PvP Style for players sake and it'll make all tiers alive with exclusive prizes. Hidden Ability will come later." (They released Sinnoh which made many new pokemons accessible, they changed the complete PvP style which made NU,UU popular and Doubles is now also a thing.) Now: "We'll release this golden poop with a time limited sticker." (They do add seasonal, time limited vanity in TIME with events or without sometimes.) Bonus: LC is now removed. YES PvP PLAYERS NEED HAs. I UPVOTE.
  12. #JohtoTomorrow #JohtoTomorrowGang #JohtoSoonTM #Johto4EverInDevelopment
  13. You should visit http://support.pokemmo.eu/ for ban appeals. Good Luck
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