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  1. Move It To Suggestion Box. Yeah I have also noticed that the battle animation became a bit slower than before.
  2. Please Describe your PROBLEM.......
  4. Dé tiempo a los desarrolladores para actualizar el juego y resolver errores.
  5. Any well trained team Is Enough For Story. IVs also don't matter. These are Good --- ◆Luxray: Crunch, Thunder-fang/Thunderbolt, Iron-tail, Strength ◆Lucario: Aura-sphere, Dragon-pulse, Dark-pulse/Psychic, Extreme-speed ◆Gengar/Alakazam: Shadow-ball, Psychic, Thunderbolt/Shock-wave, Focus-blast ◆Staraptor: Close-combat, Fly, U-turn, Steel-wing ◆Roserade: Magical-leaf/Giga-drain, Sludge-bomb, Shadow-ball,Stun-spore. ◆Infernape: Close-combat, Earthquake, Flare-blitz, and Shadow-claw So It's My suggestion............... Hope You Like It.:-)
  6. I think there is no specific place.
  7. 您在哪里找到Kyu进行贸易的?
  8. Tous les Pokémon peuvent être obtenus dans unova à l'exception de certains Legendaris.
  9. Welcome ZeCker. Enjoy Your Stay :-)
  10. 能否请您显示舱口盖日期:-) 你是怎么得到的?
  11. First of all You can't run sinnoh or any other Regions With ROM Hacks. You must need the real version To Run the MMO. Secoendly I think EGG Hatches Don't need Steps Right Now. They Hatches By A specific TIME LIMIT. Now Your questions answer: Yes I saw many reports in forum that the game is crashing in android. I have not played sinnoh till now but As Looking in forum I think it's a Game Bug And Only Developers can Correct it. So Just Wait Until the next update. :-)
  12. Agreed. Making it 300 or more would be a great move as the numbers of players of this game is increasing rapidly so 150 members wouldn't be a sufficient number in future.
  13. I think it's your Internet Connection problem or something else. Please Repot In Bug Repot Section. Link Here -----Bug report
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