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  1. CN staffs have access to ban appeals iirc. It's not just CN community, if you do RMT, Bot usage you will get banned regardless your language, country etc. The rules clearly state that RMT/BOT usage is permanent ban and doing appeal is just wastage of time.
  2. 6 months passed ..... You can no longer appeal
  3. man, they are too busy to develop johto, they aren't replying to many hot competitive topics with a lot likes, they gave a big pvp update last year, next will be in 2077.
  4. As far I understand you want blue in the Viridian gym, this may come with johto region. And Johto region is coming SoonTM
  5. Yup Former staffs should get respect for being AFK for hours.
  6. Hooh people take it seriously lol, bro come back after 50 years you will see galar tomorrow
  7. I know my comment will be removed but still, use https://support.pokemmo.eu/login/ For Ban Appeal.
  8. I remember a player buying teddy ears for 900k
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