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  1. Thanks @RevzSM Here is a video which might help u https://m.bilibili.com/video/BV1nT4y1L7YM
  2. Yea we can't see signatures in android.
  3. Well I can Post His/Her(sixsixsixt) trick e4 run video here as he is not posting. It's in BiliBili Website, but am i allowed to do that?
  4. PokeMMO already have this option implemented. Look At the lower/upper section of each thread. You can find Follow Option there.
  5. Have you ever tried to deal with chinese People?
  6. Check your ROM properly and can u provide a screenshot of the problem.
  7. I already suggested that two times In the quick wishlist section. We really need it. Android community rise up!!
  8. Johto will be next and the devs will add it Soon™
  9. The creator of this thread already left the game xD
  10. Go to account option then ignored users then this
  11. OU - Gyarados + Leftovers Conkeldurr + Flame Orb Dragonite + Leftovers + DD Hydreigon + Choice Scarf Rotom Wash + Trick + Choice Scarf A Blissy + Leftovers
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