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  1. If You do activities beyond the code of conduct of PokeMMO. Then you may get a ban from the staffs. Check this out to avoid ban--https://pokemmo.eu/code_of_conduct/
  2. Hi Mattia^^ Enjoy Your stay.. Meet you soon in game. :-)
  3. Remove the level caps??? Oof It's not a good idea at all, it will ruin the whole game. There will be nothing ‘new’ then. Suppose they add johto and removes the level cap in next update. Then All trainer then get their level 100 Pokemons and will finish the story in >2 hrs. Totally Wrong Idea. Level caps are must. How it will look if a trainer fights a gym, the leader have 20~30 lvl pokemon but the trainer have all 100. -.- I also don't agree about the legendary system remove. If You are worthy, strong then you can take the legendary by defeating the owner.(Sometime this not happen) Otherwise you will lose. Legendaries are good as only one piece. It make the MMO more enjoyable.
  4. Yeah! Agreed! Up-Voted. Nice Idea!!
  5. Talk to the plasma grunt in pokemon center. He will teleport your friend to N's castle.
  6. pokedex saying that it is in Cerulean Cave. It is changed.
  7. Hello! Unfortunately it is An MMO(massively multiplayer online role-playing game) So there is no way to play the game offline. An internet connection is definetly required to Enjoy this MMO. :-)
  8. No. Its good as consumable item. It helps to make a good profit as consumable.
  9. Excellent Service!! Very Cheap but Great Pokémons Are available + Awesome Fast Response + Polite Behavior. Highly Recommend from me. Rate - 5★/5★
  10. 100% agree. Also I think that there is enough space to add a small Chatbox.
  11. Man, Actually there are many players In PokeMMO who Ask For rent. I saw many players doing so. Even I was asked many times. So Its not correct. New trainers mostly appears in whisper not in channel chat or in trade chat. They just see a trainer and ask for help.
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