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  1. Well Just to Clarify A SGM Banned All My Alt By Himself/Herself though I was his/her Friend. And Then Said Me In Discord that It Was me -.- It wasn't RMT, But Still there is no profit of being Friends with SGM.
  2. do u block ppl if they just say u "HI"? xd it is impossible for me to fill up the list.
  3. ah my mistake xD i meant i can't find changelog
  4. same happened to me a few days ago but in turned normal when i reopened the game.
  5. I guess it can not be deleted you can do one thing - Log Out and Never Come on that account.
  6. anyways have u guys looked at the RPs of the screenshot??? 69k rp wt f
  7. It's a MMO, hiding other players makes no sense.
  8. Press f12 for hiding ui and chat. The suggestion is bad. -_-
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