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  1. If 80% ppl don't play 3ds region then adding them won't worth. Johto Doesn't exist in PokeMMO. SS/HG ROMs just improve design.
  2. Not Everybody Bro, There are many Android devices and PCs Which can not support 3DS regions which u said So Many ppl won't be able to reach those regions. And Plus I don't need any more regions except johto. Good Luck bro ^^
  3. First Of all you need to add english translation with it.
  4. If you don't put speed on your haxorus, Other players will kill it in a sec
  5. Hello! As The Suggestion Title says, Craft able masterball is a good option to add in the game, it will help in game mainly in shiny catching. I saw a post from 2014 But didn't reopened. They say purchasable masterball but craft able seems more good. And Yeah I don't care about the price, 1m or 2m whatever it cost to craft is ok. Give your thoughts here ^^ Thanks for reading.
  6. Well I forgot to tell u that u can get right nature by breeding, just get a right natured male or female poke breed it and don't forget to hold it Everstone. Then the desired nature will remain same in baby poke. However u need to catch or buy the right natured poke.
  7. Johto Threads Don't end. All Love johto.
  8. You need to be lucky, It's not very hard to get right nature in wild however right nature+right IVs seems Tough but not impossible. Many ppl get 'em everyday. Do one thing- Never miss a wild pokemon, who knowns what IVs it got. Good Luck ahead ^^
  9. It'll help android Players to meet chinese players(and opposite) for deals. +1 from me. Good Luck Ahead^^
  10. You are quarkardo da Vinci man 1000/1000 for it.^^
  11. 100m I guess. It's female, It have very high value and demand so you will sell it easily. Note: If it's Your OT then It's more than some value.
  12. It'll change. You just need a restart after changing name. I am not sure though.
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