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  1. DeCoRaTiOn and he never said it's necessary it'll just look good.
  2. I remember last year halloween, some people were angry about the spectator system, yes! they were feeling unsecure if others watch their match vs Pumpking. Why the hell on earth we need this! You can always check this discussion to see how unsecure some people feel in game.
  3. It's normal as any other monitor.
  4. I don't think debating on these kind of topic is necessary, at the end no devs are even gonna think about it during development. (≧▽≦)
  5. Nobody reads info boxes sadly..
  6. Chomp is easy scarf prediction...
  7. It's just an assumption i never hunted for either Zubat or Ditto. I am not totally sure about Zubat but I am sure I met ditto in Cerulean cave right after my repel was over. XD
  8. Mine : 1. Zubat (3 encounters) (single pokemon) 2. Ditto ( 2 encounter right after my repel was over) (single encounter) yes It used all luck I saved for my whole life. 3. Psyduck ( probably 3k-4k) (Horde) and amazing thread btw I'll leave like to every dedicated shiny hunters. Good Luck everyone.
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