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  1. oh im so sorry i thought that ment the website for some reaseon
  2. im confused don't have one why
  3. HughJackmon's EV Training Shop 510 EV = $35,000 510 EV and Level 50 = $45,000 If you want to bargain send me a message. It will take an estimated week for me to EV train your pokemon. Contact If you want me to EV train your Pokemon or have any questions about my service feel free to contact me by sending me a message through the pokemmo private messages or through pokemmo my ign is HughJackmon. Thank you and please leave a review Status: Busy
  4. im really excited for the non stop news
  5. jolteon at least i think that would be a good idea
  6. if we get the underground do you think it will be similar to the original or will they change it. for platinum of course
  7. yeah sure im not a stalker i swear
  8. have a map where you can see were the people on your friends list are
  9. thanks i just saw it one the gts and i was confused
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