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  1. Check your spam folder or trash. Your email might have settings that prevent the verification email from going to your inbox.
  2. So we went from SRIF to the robot uprising. Gotta love forums!
  3. Some of y'all need this: https://www.amazon.com/Probability-Dummies-Deborah-J-Rumsey/dp/0471751413
  4. I'd assume the same as the implemented games work? Make sure you have the ROM and wait for further announcements.
  5. Do make sure you have a Platinum ROM, as you need it to play Sinnoh (duh)
  6. More info on the PTS tomorrow, so sit tight and keep an eye out!
  7. I think the screenshots show that you can see distinct colors in the first 3 images unless you can't see color at all, like in the last picture.
  8. I think he ran the same picture through various color blind filters. You can clearly read the numbers regardless.
  9. Interesting @DeathWired, I'll have to give it a shot. Usually, I can't find the folders to go in and modify, but I'll follow your guide and try it out! Also, how did you manage to get the files compatible with a Mac? I'm not very tech savvy so I might need my hand held here haha.
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