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  1. Interesting thing is that people not on Macs can see the spaces. I corrected a "lack of space" and my friend just thought I was being dumb. Guess it's just something we have to deal with.
  2. ok bro finish sinnoh and go to kanto
  3. I'm on MacOS and I've been noticing this too. It wasn't like this before the Sinnoh update, but I also don't use backspace that much so idk if it's that. Also, if I ever type a message and have to click back into the message to restart typing/fix a typo, it automatically places the cursor within the first 10-15 characters of the message and doesn't let me click any further right within the message. I have to click and drag all the way to the right side of my screen to get it highlighted/selected. Not sure if this is also something others are experiencing as well.
  4. Thread got shut down, but just wanted to say goodbye :'(


    Can't think of another person who's been as helpful to the community as you, while still having fun and bringing others into the fun as well. Going to miss you like hell!



    1. ThePrettyPetard


      wow no mention of me smol? i am offended! jk i was allready missing dibz too

    2. SmolSpartan


      @ThePrettyPetard I was in your dm's the whole time smh

  5. Or just have a "confirm listing" button with a description of your listing that pops up when you try to post. In all honesty, you should probably pay more attention when posting, so I doubt anything would happen. It would probably be annoying AF to have to confirm every listing you post, but if it's popular enough bc of the stupidity or just general lack of awareness of MMO players (such as myself), maybe it could be an addition.
  6. This is what was changed:
  7. Check your spam folder or trash. Your email might have settings that prevent the verification email from going to your inbox.
  8. So we went from SRIF to the robot uprising. Gotta love forums!
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