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  1. can't get muted if I don't log on
  2. I think a similar option may be to have total IV as a search criteria. Could have a minimum requirement of 100 for example, or a max of 160 if you're trying to get a realistic valuation of a mon that you have.
  3. Just found a cool Theme in Forums that I'd love to use in PokeMMO, but I have no clue how to do it on a Mac. Anyone with a Mac know how to import a theme into PokeMMO?
  4. @Malorne where in the world do you see bullying?
  5. @ThePrettyPetard Please don't. I think at the very least, the entire community has been able to communicate with staff through this thread regardless of their opinion. No staff member ever gave me the time of day to at have a conversation about something controversial such as moderation in the past, so this is already a decent step in the right direction for me at least. What a nice person -_-
  6. Oh I read it, that's why I think this shouldn't get shut down. It doesn't violate anything in the C of C.
  7. Also is there anything in the C of C that doesn't allow for public opinion? This isn't harmful, bullying, obscene, defamatory, hateful, (stuff banned in C of C), it's just a poll of public opinion. Doesn't make sense for this to get shut down anyways just based off of that.
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