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  1. How much could I sell my Knight Helmet?
  2. Jajaja, sorry :(( what is the price or it?
  3. Do you accept 20m for it?
  4. This is how I feel with the new update of yesterday :( jajaa https://subefotos.com/ver/?094d7e8f05b17d6a1cf314d6e8ef196fo.jpg I hear ideas of how to farm now :(
  5. Tengo una duda, que diablos pasara con toda las personas que teniamos semillas acumuladas, esperando para ser vendidas? Eso ya es una perdida millonaria para varios de nosotros :S
  6. Hi Quave, I fought with you days ago, nice shiny team!! I had a Darmanitan, Mienshao and Haxorus Shiny when we fought. Regards! :D
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