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  1. I'm down, code isn't working though. Is the league full? edit: Nevermind, i'm in now.
  2. Holy fuck. Hello? Yes, I'd like to report a murder please.
  3. Dougington


    Wow, it's pretty cool to see a ranked mapper on here. Especially the one that mapped K.O.K.O.R.O, that's a really famous mapset. Aha, added you.
  4. Dougington


    Yep, quite a bit. I've added you. Feel free to message me if you see me online.
  5. I pretty much skipped this season after keeping up with 13 shows the season before. Guess I got burnt out. I started Food Wars S3, Ousama Game, Girl's Last Tour and Love Live Sunshine S2. Didn't get further than 5 episodes with any of them though. Also, y'all need MAL accounts.
  6. o/ Yep, still with them. I log in maybe once/twice a month if that though.
  7. Violet Evergarden is the only show I'm certain I'll stick with but other then that I'll be checking out: Citrus Koi wa Amegagari no You Ni Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san Gakuen Babysitters Sora yori mo Tooi Basho Ito Junji: Collection. And this movie i'm very hopeful for: Sayonara no Asa ni Yakusoku no Hana wo Kazarou. Mari Okada Directing and Script + P.A Works production is a great combo.
  8. I have a Nekopara Vol. 0 key from that bundle if someone wants it. Just PM me.
  9. Zidane has managed 20 CL games and already won it twice. That is completely insane.
  10. All episodes are being uploaded officially to youtube so that is pretty cool as well. Currently episode 1 & 2 are up.
  11. Agree with everything you said about Re:Zero. ^ And I finished Masamune-kun. I liked the plot and story. I liked the characters. Until fucking Gasou showed up. He felt so unnecessary and distasteful. From the point he showed up, the show felt so shitty. The last episode had one of the worst endings too. I looked up what happened in the manga and it seems like it only got worst after that. Guess I'll get started on Maid Dragon next.
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