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  1. Wingull swarm happened in Vermilion, so they do appear at least in some cities.
  2. The Kanto and Unova parts work, but the Hoenn part doesn't (at least for Android). Here's a reupload that does: https://mega.nz/file/OZxVDaQY#DsotOK0b5w_lKaBT_MtPuyjrDsJKUHUp-ZrVBmadbjI
  3. Name's Paploosh, and this old man knows what's up!
  4. This artist is good at that.
  5. I'd guess it's not a bug, but a nerf so you have to use Leppa to recharge Sweet Scent in the field, not just get new charges from a freshly caught Smeargle.
  6. Pressing "save" in the "settings" menu makes the game window unmaximize.
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