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  1. The sounds when pokemon get knocked out sound like shit now
  2. pvp grinding for $: gym rematches E4 rematches farming various items breeding making pokes that have god like stats list goes on
  3. I have been rematching E4 before baton pass was nerfed The baton pass nerf affected my team, I had to start all over and redesign my team rocky helmet didnt affect me, not once did i use shedninja reason y i keep rematching is cuz i enjoy the challenge and the different line ups, and also trains us how to react under different situations. To succeed in rematching the E4, there is no 1 strat now, we have to come up with strats so that not everyone can put together a gimmick team and succeed.
  4. Chansey @ Eviolite Stealth rock protect (having this move means those that have Hi jump kick wont use it against u, they hax) wish softboiled Jellicent @ choice scarf trick recover protect will-o-wisp (will explain y 4 status moves even though I'm holding a choice item later) Scrafty @ leftovers fire punch drain punch crunch dragon dance Chandelure @ choice scarf psychic shadow ball energy ball flamethrower Flygon @ leftovers EQ dragon claw fire punch dragon dance Volcarona @ leftovers firey dance bug buzz quiver dance hidden power rock Strat: its the same as yr strat at first, just set stealth rock up. The AI will always switch in something that is strong against jellicent (grass/ electric/ dark/ ghost) srafty handles dark and ghost types, flygon handles electric types, volcarona handles grass types as its 4x resist grass attacks. Then charge up and sweep If they lead with fighting types first, swap to jellicent immediately and will-o-wisp to reduce their attack. chances are they will swap out the fighting type and u can swap chansey back in to get rocks up. If they dont swap out, u will burn them then swap in and out and wear them out with burn. Scarf chandelure with psychic to get rid of they if they dun swap out. other info: flygon charge to +5 to clean sweep volcarona charge to +4 scrafty +3 cuz of moxie *scarfed chandelure can KO conkeldurr/ machamp only when they are about 75% hp so be sure to wear them out first before trying to KO them.
  5. Have tried your team with some changes, works quite well with all regions actually. didnt use sheninja though
  6. I have a few questions so take yr time to answer if u do have answers =) 1) What if Honchkrow leads, how will u handle that without taking huge damage to chansey? 2) Did u try this team on other regions? If so, how did it go? 3) swords dance is removed from Garchomp. He still usable? I do have a team that can handle all regions but i use more pots (~15 super potions and ~15 small potions per run along with ~2-3 status healing items). Profit comes to about ~40k without amulet coin. Takes about 30-45 mins per run. Of course I'm open to tweaking and other creative ways to crush. Current team doesnt handle that pesky staraptor's brave bird very well Lazy to make a guide though.
  7. first time E4 can be crushed by pretty much any team. Its the reruns that are challenging
  8. my team for E4 rebattles are: chansey crobat ferrothorn hydreigon chandelure garchomp each run takes about 30-45 mins and use about 10-15k for potions
  9. E4 runs are not worth so much now I do have a reliable team though, use like 20k - 25k per run for pots etc. current team: Chansey (stealth rocker, special tanker) Crobat (Switch in and pick off those pesky fighting types with brave bird) Skarmory (phy tanker) Hydreigon (scarfer) Chandelure (wallbreaker) Garchomp (wallbreaker) Takes me about 30-45 mins per run
  10. so steel types still resist dark and ghost attacks, didnt read anything about that in the changelog so I'm guessing no changes
  11. bye bye levitate gengar~
  12. Give them a break, they are doing good work.
  13. Hi! This is my team for E4 runs: my team for E4 runs: skarmory (impish/leftovers) Toxic stealth rock roost counter Staraptor (adamant/ choice scarf) Brave bird double edge u-turn close combat Toxicroack (adamant/ black sludge) Drain punch thunder punch ice punch swords dance Hydreigon (modest/ leftovers) Dark Pulse Dragon Pulse Earth Power Work Up Chandelure (timid/ leftovers) Calm Mind flamethrower shadow ball energy ball Garchomp (Jolly/ yache berry) EQ dragon claw fire fang swords dance Use X speed if necessary, can get their at 2000 a pop at NPC
  14. Sucker Punch - Castelia Tutor (3x Black Glasses) U can find this tutor in castelia city in Unova. Hes the clown in the game freak building i think
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