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  1. so steel types still resist dark and ghost attacks, didnt read anything about that in the changelog so I'm guessing no changes
  2. bye bye levitate gengar~
  3. Give them a break, they are doing good work.
  4. Hi! This is my team for E4 runs: my team for E4 runs: skarmory (impish/leftovers) Toxic stealth rock roost counter Staraptor (adamant/ choice scarf) Brave bird double edge u-turn close combat Toxicroack (adamant/ black sludge) Drain punch thunder punch ice punch swords dance Hydreigon (modest/ leftovers) Dark Pulse Dragon Pulse Earth Power Work Up Chandelure (timid/ leftovers) Calm Mind flamethrower shadow ball energy ball Garchomp (Jolly/ yache berry) EQ dragon claw fire fang swords dance Use X speed if necessary, can get their at 2000 a pop at NPC
  5. Sucker Punch - Castelia Tutor (3x Black Glasses) U can find this tutor in castelia city in Unova. Hes the clown in the game freak building i think
  6. Yup, was thinking since gengar is nerfed since levitate is much more useful that cursed body in most cases, making steel type not resist dark/ghost would be sort of a make-up for gengar. This would some what buff hydreigon so maybe update some existing pokemon with their fairy typing or so? (Clefable may become a beast~)
  7. If Gengar were to lose levitate like he did in Gen 6, will u guys make steel type not resist dark and ghost? This change was done way back in gen 6
  8. I use Haxorus with EQ and rock slide togekiss with hyper voice and heat wave they have nasty plot and sword dance. haxorus has mold breaker to negate sturdy and levitate
  9. Well E4 is more difficult as yr dealing with 5x31 IV mons and all are level 100 single batlles. Currently I use this team for E4 runs: Skarmory (impish/ leftovers) Stealth rock toxic roost counter Staraptor (Adamant/ Choice Scarf) Brave bird double edge U-turn close combat Toxicroak (Adamant/ Black sludge) Drain punch thunder punch ice punch swords dance Hydreigon (Modest/ leftovers) Earth power flamethrower dragon pulse work up chandelure (timid/ leftovers) calm mind flamethrower energy ball shadow ball Garchomp (Jolly/ yache berry) EQ dragon claw fire fang swords dance Feel free to PM me here for a discussion on how I play. I usually spend like 20k on potions/ revives per run (~30-40 mins). Profit: 70+k/ run + 2000 BP
  10. yup, or else players can just easily make $ and in MMO, $ has to be controlled
  11. u mean for E4 or just gym/ trainer rematches?
  12. Its a good pokemon for its water immunity. I have 1 for my E4 runs. And he has some very good stat boosting moves
  13. The developers changed the way amulet coins work in pokeMMO. IMO u can try to make $ using multiple methods. (read that guide) When I first started, I farm heart scales from luvdisc and sell them on GTL. U dun need a powerful mon for that. IIRC, I used a random level 35+ Gengar with thief for that
  14. Crushing E4, ~100k-150k per hour guaranteed
  15. U guys are scrubs. The difficulty isnt that difficult, took me sometime to design a team to beat E4 but it was well worth it. Each of my E4 runs last about 30 mins and use less than 5 revives.
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