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  1. zenenn Pelipper empoleon ludicolo metagross toxicroak volcarona
  2. Team Name: Algo raro Team Tag:Sad Registered Players:Skulldeus, INTELL, zenenn, KatyPerryesp, DiositoSlurpuff, InuyashaL Team Captain:Skulldeus
  3. IIDanielII vs Spxter in 5 min
  4. xShandow vs Kepzal in 10min
  5. zenenn vs Skulldeus in 5 min
  6. IIDanielII vs RaiderOp in 15 min
  7. CristhianArce vs Rickypoke in 5 min
  8. xShandow vs dIOxpro in 5 min
  9. Venezuela A 0-0 Perú A OU - Abstractt VS PollitoBlack UU - CristhianArce VS Robertramirez NU - Mansterix VS AngelOrgulloso LC - IIlDanielII VS aldahirramirez Dobles - xShandow VS Dioxpro SMOU - xUltrajesusx VS Thuxs 100k on names in bold 200k-300k on name in red
  10. IIDanielII vs GasaiYunoSan in 5min
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