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  2. Today i would like to talk about the Pokemon Level cap system. I want to suggest a fix to that system, what i mean by that is i think the level cap shouldn't be changed raised a little bit and some other issues revolving the whole gym leader cap as well. I've played PokeMMO for about 2 years now and to me there's nothing more frustrating than when i found out about the level cap system, the reason why i got frustrated with it is because I was really shocked when i found out i could not have a Hydragon for the Elite four of unova. I had bought my deino from the GTL with the hopes of passing unova with a deino on my team soon to be Hydragon but then i found out the Elite fours level cap after you beat all the gym leaders was 62 which made me really sad because i couldn't fight them with a fully evolved Hydragon because he evolves at level 64. The issue i had with the gym leaders as well was when i created a new account i could not talk to my friends with out passing the first gym, Like what? I'm not allowed to speak to friends until i beat some dude who's about 2 city's away? My intention is not to hate on the game and neither hate on the Mods or the staff of the game. I know i sound like i'm ranting but i have multiple friends who play this and multiple people in the game who complained about this issue as well. All i want to do is get the word out there and help the game if possible. If you agree or disagree with me please tell me your opinions in the comments I'd love to have feed back and understand more. ^^
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    Better Communication.

    You make a very good point. Ahh I see well that is understandable. Forgive me if i made you guys seem Lazy that wasn't my intention i'm just trying to let the staff know that some people think your not very attentive to the suggestions box and i my self believed this as well. But because you have given me a more clear answer and not the generic we're working on it thing then I fully understand things now and i'm glad you did leave a comment its shown me the staff is watching and trying there best at communication and making the game better. With that said I hope you have a magnificent day as well. :D Ohh ok didn't see that post Thanks for the Link i'll go see it right now ^^
  4. Here's a topic i haven't seen yet. How come there's a list of Mods, leaders and developers and such.Yet out of this big list not one of them can give clear answers to the people who play the game? I get there busy but come on not one of them can spare time to give better answers than the generic "we're working on it" or "In a future" Like plz better communication with the people It feels like this games turning in to Youtube at this point xD Don't get me wrong tho I love the game and am genuinely happy with some stuff in it but it wouldn't hurt to at least communicate more with the people suggesting ideas. I've gone on a lot of post on here and most of them all say the same thing which are: "The developers won't see this tho" "the staff doesn't care much" With someone checking the suggestions forums and giving genuine answers not some robot sounding answers we could learn some stuff and feel like theirs more trust in the community and the staff.
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