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  1. Just because you watch too much anime does not mean you can throw insults around. The difficulty is mediocre, it's just tedious (changing your Team every single town by buying new Pokemon due to the level cap). Someone has made a brilliant suggestion about scaling the levels in the region (sign me +).
  2. Raticate Male Nature: Sassy Ability: Run Away HP IV: 30 Attack IV: 7 Defense IV: 3 Sp. Atk IV: 16 Sp. Def IV: 30 Speed IV: 30 I saw Raticate with 2 IVs both at 30 for 80k *thinking*.
  3. Nidorino sold for 120k today.
  4. I meant the max obedience level hassle*
  5. I have completed Unova fairly quickly because I have never played Pokemon Black/White so it was more engaging. Here I am (10th+ time) clearing Kanto and I am not making much progress because I am not interested in changing the team every single town. Let me clear any region with any of my teams I already have or I am going to end up just running Safari once a week and waiting for a new region to be released. If you do not want to remove levelcap completely remove it for "old" regions so when you add a new region to the game it would still have this restriction.
  6. I will give a cut of this cake to the person able to help me out with the pricing, do not "work" for free :D
  7. Hi! I need pricing advice, please. I was trying to see what is on the Market per @Dibz good advice: To my surprise Pokemon with the following stats seem unusual (Paras 20/14/30/30/30/3) and (Nidorino 31/31/28/24/29/23).They are either really bad or all sold out I can not really tell most similar Paras I saw had only 2 IVs at values like 28/29 same for Nidorino they have very little resemblance to what is currently being sold on the market. Nidorino Ability: Rivalry Nature: Bold IVs: HP IV - 31 Attack IV - 31 Defense IV - 28 S
  8. Low Speed IV is probably a deal killer here... The same situation price for those stats seems overblown on the Market, can you please give me more accurate price. Name: Paras (Male) Ability: Effect Spore Nature: Brave IVs: HP IV - 20 Attack IV - 14 Defense IV - 30 Sp. Atk IV - 30 Sp. Def IV - 30 Speed IV - 3 Total IVs: 127/186
  9. I found this little fellow in a Safari while trying to find Chansey holding Lucky Egg. What do you think is his worth? I was having troubles to measure the price. I could not find similar stats on the Market what so I ended up making this thread. I am going to ask for price checks on different Pokemons too there is a need for such a thread actually and I am probably ripping someone off by not having this idea first lol Name: Nidorino Nature: Bold IVs: HP IV - 31 Attack IV - 31 Defense IV - 28 Sp. Atk IV - 24 Sp. Def IV - 29 Speed IV - 23 Total
  10. Oddish gang going for that Luck Egg
  11. I have been farming Heart Scales it's tedious each is worth about 7000 poke monnies but they are not (50% chance of being held as suggested here https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Pokémon_by_wild_held_item CTRL + F and go to Luvdisc it clearly says 50% chance from my experience if it's going bad you get one per 7+ encounters. It's feeling balanced do not get me wrong. It was tiring and boring I think I am going to try farming Lucky Egg it's currently 1 300 000 on the market. Can Safari Zone Chansey have this item? I also could not find any Yanmas on the Route 14 I t
  12. It's up to Project Leader I have never suggested differently just trying to sway their opinion in favor of this. It does not mean things "upvoted" will ever get implemented either. The majority does not necessarily have the best ideas, do not believe in so-called Democracy it does not work for private projects.
  13. I would like to make the Sprites of the following Pokemon more authentic. Milotic is not the same size as Jigglypuff or Oddish it could have one and half or twice the current size as a follower. If someone with the knowledge will contact me I can sit on this and do it for most in-game Pokemons.
  14. If you want to appeal to people who have never played first GBA it's necessary to work on the visuals or you will run out of people motivated with their childhood's nostalgia. I can not speak for the state of the playerbase but I guess it's not at it's peak.Competitive aspect is not for everyone you should think how to keep others and that's one of the things I would consider essential for keeping modern "gamers".
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