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  1. haha saw this guy making of fun of ppl complaining about berries and now he's complaining about shinies
  2. Current VGC doesn't have the same meta as here so it would be by far different from playing on SD or USUM
  3. Should be something similar to VGC. Man that would be so much fun instead of having 6 poke with leftovers
  4. Thank you so much for your advice and help with building this team. I will at first try the dual screen set and learn how to play around it. Two last questions: Since voltorb has volt switch i assume it can help me set screens later on and maybe let me give a free switch to another mon. But in the case of skarmory I guess it is meant to either die or use as bait later right? In case I decide to go for a spinner should I go for tenta or starmie and get rid of gyara?
  5. Hey man, thanks for your suggestion I wasn't expecting a HO team but it seems quite interesting. Some doubts I have are: This team can deal with rain teams? I think it can handle sand teams but I see rain teams being a pain in the ass to deal with. Would it be a good idea to replace gyarados with Scarf TTar to try to handle this? I know this may result in changing some of the other pokemon as well. In case I decide to run the Skarmory lead I see Gengar as a good choice to cover for Rapid Spin, what I find hard to decide is the proper moveset. Sludge bomb, shadowbal
  6. Hey guys. I want to run a Scizor Gyarados core Team. The sets I want to use are: Life Orb Adamant Roost SD BP and Bug bite . I have thought of replacing BB with U turn since it looks useful in many situations, but since +2 Life Orb BB does really hurt I'm not so sure what to do. Leftovers Jolly DD Waterfall Taunt Ice Fang. This to set up without getting ToXic or Roar and with a spread to outspeed and ko jolteon with 1 DD. Ice Fang to deal with dragons and KO ir 2hko some of them if they have no bulk investment. Thanks in advance
  7. Then it should be less months since most 4th gen mechanics have already been added?
  8. Same , please someone answer thissssssssssss
  9. Ah that's true. After checking the summary I did notice that the exp gain was more than the one reported on the battle log. Thanks, I was going nuts thinking I bought it for nothing >,<
  10. Ok I tried as you mention and these are the results: http://prntscr.com/n2wb2h with lucky egg 6133 and 6135 2 hordes http://prntscr.com/n2wbek without lucky egg 5962 and 6066 2 hordes So in the best case: 6135 - 5962 = 173 then 173/5962 = 0.02901710835290171083529017108353 so about 0.03 And this is killing the horde that as you mentioned should give me at least 5% more but I get even less than that. what is that?
  11. Just 5% per mon? wasn't it 10% additional exp?
  12. WTF JUST 91 EXP OUT OF 4K BASE EXP IF HOLDING LUCKY EGG??????????? http://prntscr.com/n2v730
  13. It takes forever to implement Sinnoh. I wonder how much for those
  14. Is it free to join? I would like to play with team
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