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  1. Catman16


    Hi! Welcome to PokeMMO! I hope you're enjoying your stay so far. The game differs from the handheld games so if you have any questions feel free to message me. You might also want to join our Discord server, you'll get a lot of questions answered there. https://pokemmo.eu/discord Have fun on your adventure! c:
  2. Damn that's one tilting addition cool beans.
  3. Why does it really work like, you rapid spin, but if you die to rocky helmet, you don't actually spin away the rocks? (i find these circumstances very very frustrating especially since my team is very vulnerable to rocks) Idk please explain to me, if that's an actual thing, I'm a bad player.
  4. What? I thought you guys wanted to spectate one team go all the way for 6 rounds?
  5. If you close your eyes and count to 5, you won't be able to see that crit, maybe it didn't matter.
  6. I play volt-turn and tbh if you know what you're doing and you execute it right, screens can be very manageable, in my case, I try to keep as much momentum as possible, even if they setup screens, partly to stall and mostly to prevent setups. A +2 Hera guts boosted always hits hard and most screens teams can't switch (won't enjoy it either way) into it. Idk where I am going with this and take my word with a grain of salt, I am Frosteye after all.
  7. Team Name: Bushido Team Tag: BSDO Team Members: Spxter, kloneman, OxOReFaked, Frosteye, TohnR, Kravism, NinjaBlender, ItsGray, WayneV, ZzZerra, BartekDolar, NickRains, DeGarzo, IsabelaNeko, Rynners Team captain: Spxter
  8. Hello, when are we gonna have sexy hot gfs as prizes for tours?
  9. Best breeder out there.
  10. This guy breeds like he is playing 30second chess, absolute madlad also best waifu
  11. I was like, breed me a sexy hot gf and he bred me one in just under 30 mins. Speed GOD.
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