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  1. Frosteye vs LonelyWolf LC 8pm edt Sunday Fetus Fight Night
  2. My first ever LC match, can we beat the 3 min game record?
  3. He just bred me a new dad in less than 24 hours, epic.
  4. I'm new to the PokéMMO community so I probably missed out on some monumental threads or some epic drama, if so, please please PLEASE link. Thank you to those who have posted and (thanks in advance) to those who will post.
  5. Garchomp has been underwhelming lately... I personally think it should drop to NU or LC at the very least. -just another disappointed self proclaimed professional player with a 90% win rate in battle frontier singles.
  6. You're the funny glitch.
  7. in summary: a three page debate between Gbwead and LifeStyle about garchomp
  8. Frosteye vs depression (Ubers) 5pm est Saturday
  9. Expected to lose but not this hard, ggwp Taystee.
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