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  1. i love searching for good ivs , but its usless since onlyb breeding gets u to perfection. So that " search hunt fun " is out of this game . Yeah i did spend alot in safari cause i love searching but i realiced its waste of time cause basically only worthy i can encounter there is a shiny that will never come 1/30 000 and a chansey that catchrate is like 0,1 and lucky egg again lottery win . Whatever , wrong mmo for me
  2. I mean where is the fun in that when u can literally catch one dratini , or one pinsir or anything else and than just keep catching 31 IV eggroup common pokes for it to make it 31 . ... thats it literally to get strong pokes. Wheres the fun in that ? I remember trying to catch good IVS pokes on other mmo games .and selling them god , here it is not possible cause anything what is not breeded 31 , hasnt value . I kinda like the searching stuff but here is nothing to search for literally . And shiny searching doesnt make sense with 1/30.000 is a joke . So basically in this game , Money rules evrything . U have money and time , u have good pokes cause u can breed, cause breeeding is expensive as heck and time consuming . GG PokeMMo the breeding simulator . I will quit this game, it doesnt make sense why make pinsir hard to catch when u just need 1 anyway. It isnt rare or anything if u can breed it with any other common poke . Boring . What would be a challenge was if rare pokes would have limited breeding possibilitys with only other rares , and horrible rares only with those too .But if u make a magikarp breed able with dratini . ... why make dratini " rare " xd So bad . No Luck game just time consuming . Ridiculous Catchrates " chansey " , messed up boring breed system , going out to search hours for a good poke doesnt make sense and isnt possible cause breeding is always the key . And this ridiculous shiny rate . Waste of time .
  3. They sell the motorbike for real money while u cant even tell the diffrence of it from a normal bike . You still paddle like normal bike , it doesnt even make sense . For a fact - this is a really poor job done creating the motorbike . Anyone who denies that is just sitting on staffs lap like this guy here xd . Here another guy pointing it out
  4. I mean if you already make an motorbike for 10 euros .At least finish its model and add some sound. Adding just a light infront ? I never knew u have to paddle on a motorbike like on a bike to let it drive lmfao . My question is will it ever be reworked because it is kind of a joke right now , I wanted buy some stuff but íf that bike stays like that my money stays in my wallet lol
  5. so can i use only pick up to get shrooms or no
  6. Does pick up work with big mushrooms on paras or do i need s´kill thief, and does linoone have some AOE damage ability ?
  7. Hi im leveling my exeguttor lvl 43 with Super rod in the sea and im getting range 25-40 lvl wailmers ( 300-500) exp My exe doesnt have an AOE attack , So does anyone know where to find Tms with aoe , or can i buy them somewhere ? I guess i should do trainer rebattles , they are better than wailmers maybe.) I dont want ask 10x when i level diffrent pokes , is there an guide maybe for the aoe attacks ?
  8. So i have looked at the guide but still have problems . When i want to keep growing my own leppas so i can keep using sweet scent . What i need to do to farm it most effectively ? I have a wailmer can and those cut things that u use on berries . Question is how to get berries or do i need specific berries . Do i use the Snatch move to get an item from an specific wild pokemon to get the berries for the seeds of the leppa ? Very spice 2x , sour , bitter . Which berries does those seeds give ? Where which poke i need snatch it off . Also i cannot plant 4 seeds , only 3 seed places there are to be placed . But i need 4 ? ... Whats the most effective way to farm all that . I dont want run around and search those marks on ground to get berries .thx
  9. Hello i was thinking about purchasing 50 Euro worth of points , Getting donator , and some cosmetics. I see a seasonal hex coat , i dont like it im just wondering what it means that it has extra animations . Does it float in the air while u running ? And the other dont ? Also , if u buy an helmet , do glasses can be bought to it , and armor . What stuff doesnt fit together ? Like helmet and hair ? . And can u equip the cosmetics and unequip or are they permanent on you attached . Thanks
  10. When u want to shiny hunt , u encounter pokes way to slow .... they appear , pop ..... ur pokemon appears ... pop.... U SEND OUT CHARIZARD .... 2 hours later , RUN AWAY . it is way to slow , can u not make it abit faster like 2-3 seconds quicker to pop out ur poke or some . The shiny hunt takes ages like this if u have a desire for one. In another poke mmo it was way quicker and the shiny hunting was real. Like that it doesnt even make sense cause u need 100 years till u find one in that kind of speed . I cant grind shinys like this.
  11. yes i googeld it , im already long past that , thanks
  12. thx , yes i asked a team member , i need get a tea to make the guards not thirsty
  13. Actually i did beat the gym at cinabear , but it shows me that i have the 7th badge and not the 6th where do i must go now ?
  14. Hi , weirdly i sit at the island where u surf to , and there is the gym that is locked , i got a key out of the left big house where the mewto books are but it still dont work , weirdly i already got the 7th badge but the 6th i have missing . what to do where to go ? KANTO
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