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  1. fuk yee ;P. Feel free to add me in game. any time u need my services i'll get on it right away o7
  2. try checking your control settings. Whichever key u have set for 'Key B' is the button u need to press to run
  3. Finally Open For Business! Details: - Full EV training package (includes 510/510 EVs and lvl. 50) : 60k - Only EVs 510/510 : 45k - Only 1 Specific Stat: HP - 25K ATK - 25K DEF - 25K SP. ATK - 25K SP. DEF - 25K SPE - 25K IGN: @DeadeyeDonny - Please mail me the pokemon, the money, what EVs to give and any moves you would like them to keep/learn Hope to see you soon o/
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