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  1. 5-1? 3-3? Who is the sixth TC? Cali, mkns, zebra, GB, poseidon, X?
  2. for people who only play lc, that there are various people like nonou, yettodie, poufilou, myself, etc. This is a kick in the ass for us to leave the game. I do not understand the effort to create more tournaments or ranked if they are automatic, the only reason I see is laziness and contempt for the players.
  3. I hope it's a joke, I had already decided to only play lc (the most fun tier for me without a doubt) because now I don't have much time, but if it disappears then I'll have to go back to showdown I guess, there at least you don't have to waste your time raising so that one day they will make everything disappear for no reason.
  4. No, huar tiene al menos una victoria, lo sé porque está en mi equipo, todos mis compañeros tienen sueldo edit, he win in week 4, but with Soulex name
  5. I am 34 according to the doc, but I think it is not right, for example Urquidi has only one victory and he won 2 times
  6. will this only count the regular session?
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