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  1. Nvm I didn't see the tabs on the bottom, but none the less I'm not as interested in the difference between with or without amulet coin now as I am with the difference between with amulet coin before vs. with amulet coin now.
  2. idc about grammar it's all good, I agree that they fought inflation in the best way possible, but I don't think it was a problem to begin with. I even made a suggestion post right before the update was made with an idea of making the lucky egg consumable, but for an added use at an egg move tutor to increase its use, since it was nerfed to oblivion before, and still very difficult to actually obtain. I was told it was fine the way it was, then they changed it. There's nothing wrong with having permanent items from a gaming perspective, in my opinion it enhances the experience, as you don't have to continuously re-farm those items. The economic side makes sense, I have no argument for that, just the enjoyment aspect, and the change being necessary. For p2w I feel like it's a push towards pay to win as you now have to pay for any buff you want to receive, and the cost isn't just an item slot its yen or time. It's not necessarily that bad NOW, but the overall acceptance of an update like this makes me fearful that it will continue until you have to pay to use things like utility mons, or sweet scent.
  3. All in all the increase caused by the new amulet coin is negligible, if you take cost into consideration. I did not screenshot every trainer rematch I did prior to the update, no. I have not done a full money run since the update because I'm not gonna buy 10 amulet coins, and was wrongfully banned, I don't think my ban appeal will even get a reply I've never seen that actually happen, and I don't want you to rush through every region. I prefer to take my time, and enjoy playing the game. I can see your point, you do make more money now, however, I don't feel that the cost is worth the reward.
  4. I was making ~1m a day before the update on one account, trainer rematches, gym rematches, then more trainer rematches. If I were to do this now I would need like 8-10 amulet coins.
  5. I would do the same thing mostly in Unova, Where there are trainers who would previously give 4k+ that now give around 3k.True story, I wish I could go back screenshot it, but the trainers along the route before victory road would give me like 4k with the old amulet coin.This doesn't add up tot he number they gave us. I don't want to spend time farming amulet coins, as I have no interest in seeing massive amounts of meowths. I don't want to buy them for 28k, because that makes the increase I would receive from them negligible. It was fine the way it was, any argument I've heard is an argument for the update being okay, not good. When this update first came out, I had to use my amulet coin, the same amulet coin that lasted me 800 hours. It lasted me one hour and I only made 150k doing gym rematches. The amulet coin was the best item in the game, as long as you had an amulet coin you were all set. The item slot argument is shot too, if you're good you don't care about 1 item slot, you could've even put an amulet coin on a persian lead with pay day and uturned out. That alone makes up for increase they gave it to justify making it consumable . I'd prefer to not worry about time or rushing, and just optimize my money making method. Then I can enjoy using the pokemon I like and not just the ones that complete money routes the fastest.
  6. I'm gonna write this off as a miscommunication due to translation, but you are making no sense. I don't like grinding for consumables like berries, that's why I'm mad. I don't even use berries when I shiny hunt, I teleport back to the pc (using the move not any cheats). I did farm money using npcs, I would do gym AND trainer rematches, and was making close to 1m in a day. Exchanging my account for money would be reason for a ban, if I actually did that. what I said exactly was "I gave my account away for a "donation"", in response to the "the in game shop is called donations as a legal loophole" argument, because it's not a legal loophole in the slightest. I said I did the EXACT same thing the game does to prove a point, and received a ban, you're probably one of the people who supports their misuse of the term. There's no way you make 1.2 m in 3 hours, but I used to make 1 m in a day, or more if I really played all day, while still enjoying myself, and having fun. No rushing to complete anything at all, I would actually have to wait a little for my second round of trainer rematches to reset, during this time I would do other things like look for shinies or breed pokemon.
  7. In my opinion, explaining my opinion is the most mature way to go about it. At certain points I let staff make my point for me, like on the topic of donations. If you know why they were made let me know. Deflation? It seems to me that this update is an indication of a push towards a p2w model, and if accepted by the community will only continue to get worse. I don't necerasrilly think all of you are sucking them off, but you seem to be playing yourself. If you are buying amulet coins the increase is negligible, if you don't use the amulet coin anymore you are losing money (not currently but from prior to the update when you were allowed to use without farming for them, or buying them, while still enjoying the game), and if you are farming them then you're spending time grinding that you would've spent doing something else prior to the update. I really can't see any positive in it for anyone, but the staff, and anyone who stocked up on amulet coins prior to the update, or immediately after when they were only 17k, and haven't seen any good argument for it. If you have one, I'm more than willing to hear it and have my mind changed. I'm not like steven crowder, if you have valid points they will be acknowledged.
  8. This is getting out of hand. There are two recent posts on the same subject regarding this same issue in the trash(the one I was talking about is gone now, but was from an old player who returned to the game to find he was getting muted in chat way more often, and that the staff now was treating the customers much worse). This will probably end up in the same place, but I'll try anyway, as my last post was completely deleted, and my in game account banned. The inability of the staff to handle criticism is absurd. If people don't like changes being made to the game they have every right to do so, and speak out about it. Criticism is a good thing if you don't have a big head, as it helps you make improvements, and gauge the demand of these improvements. My account was banned for saying that I gave my account away for a "donation" to prove that calling something a term that it clearly isn't is in no way a legal loophole, and no this isn't my ban appeal I already made that so don't tell me to move this there. This is a general discussion about the way the playerbase is being treated and silenced by the staff. This is just getting ridiculous, and childish at this point. This is no way to handle a bussiness. Nintendo should take over control of this game, it would be for the better.
  9. Who knows if they ever even changed it, they could've just changed what they're telling you it is to be more accurate with the expected results.
  10. Don't worry about it, just know I don't need help. If you play this game you need help. The devs are not doing their job in listening to the community. This update hurts everyone who plays this game, and doesn't spend irl money on it. It is an attempt to push people towards spending money, and removes a free in game money resource from the game. This post was an attempt to make them realize how ridiculous it is to even try and support something that is so obviously wrong, under the guise that the update was in our best interest. It was not, it was in their best interest and an attempt to make more money off of us. I currently have donator's status active. I'm going to finish that out and stop playing this game, and yes I'm salty for wasting 800 hours of my life on this busted ass game. That's why I don't mind wasting a few hours trying to get them to change it. If you think making a post about the update being unfair, then go look at other examples of the same thing, and see how far that got them.
  11. You have no idea who you're talking to. I do not need help. Have fun supporting a game where the developers treat the playerbase like shit, and take your money.
  12. I obviously don't care if I seem stupid, honestly if you don't get it, then you're the stupid one. Look up the word satire. Throughout this post I was playing the part of a mod supporting their update, which is obviously a step in the wrong direction for this game. Despite any evidence we give them to try and get them to admit that this update was a bad idea, they won't.
  13. That's a shame, you all should really research Stew Leonard's, and their "the customer is always right" policy. I've spoken to multiple people leaving the game due to this update, and taking their money with them. I believe that is the opposite of what you were hoping for.
  14. Do I really have to post a full explanation? people still don't get it? this post has nothing to do with statistics. There's a reason I was so adamant about people not going out and buying lottery tickets, no harm no foul.
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