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  1. Could you change the format of the battle menu from pokemon on pc to that of pokemmo on android? because battles are better seen on android than on pc. I know there are themes for pc but the change is not noticeable in the battle menu or directly the change is visually bad
  2. why did they alter the batton pass movement? It no longer transfers the changes of characteristics. I guess it was because the competitive one was used a lot, so for that reason it does not go beyond the changes in characteristics. But instead of banning it, I will simply erase the transfer of features. Why? It would be good if you could pass the characteristics at least in history do not you think?
  3. tengo una pregunta si dejas a los pokes en la guarderia comun se crian igual?
  4. what I propose to improve the link is that it can be used for 2pvs2 battles in the white pokemon subway, in addition that you can challenge a two-player gym leader like in pokemon let's go but with the restriction that each player have 3 pokemons.
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