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  1. i made a very detailed post about this with a lovely way to implement it and almost everyone who responded (not including dibby n munya) just took a shit on the idea. i love the idea and it would really be a nice thing to see implemented but they seem to be more concerned with PvP updates and prolonging the release of the SoonTM region that we will never get. -have a lovely day.
  2. just cop a temp ban, you technically won't be muted.
  3. I can't seem to figure it out to save my life.
  4. I wish I could use it but I guess there isn't a version for mac IOS :c
  5. AHAHA I just watched the video tutorial and I would like to say #[email protected]
  6. SRIF! SRIF! SRIF! and for the people in the back... SHINY RATE IS FAIR!
  7. This is complete and can be moved from Work In Progress. I spent too much time the other day trying to figure out which Unown's were in which chambers. Hence why I decided to make a guide for anyone else who cares enough to catch the whole Unown alphabet. Some of these are more rare than others so it might take some time. (Yeah, I'm talking about you "!" and "?") If this already exists or you don't care then...carry on with your da
  8. All I am gonna say is if it gets taken down I will be disappointed in staff.
  9. I am curious to see how the results will turn out.
  10. people are talking about drugs in global right now and i know of 3 members of staff online not doing anything lol.
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