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  1. i made a very detailed post about this with a lovely way to implement it and almost everyone who responded (not including dibby n munya) just took a shit on the idea. i love the idea and it would really be a nice thing to see implemented but they seem to be more concerned with PvP updates and prolonging the release of the SoonTM region that we will never get. -have a lovely day.
  2. just cop a temp ban, you technically won't be muted.
  3. A special thanks to @Minks again for all of his help on this event! Results 1ST PLACE zajiwo 2ND PLACE Blueulb 3RD PLACE FilthyCasual
  4. I would take a perm ban before re-adding you as a friend, Beebam.
  5. RESCHEDULED April 11th 11am PT/1pm CT/2pm ET/8pm CEST
  6. RESCHEDULED So, something happened. Andreuh: Minks: This event is going to have to be rescheduled because my co-host and I were both banned for 24 hours.
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