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  1. @Eggplant yous gots some explainingsss to dooooo.
  2. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk™. It was 1am and I was incredibly high. You and me both.
  3. Hear me out... That is all, have a good night/afternoon/morning.
  4. Thank you all for your participation! 1ST PLACE GraniPolska with 26 points! 2ND PLACE Dereith with 23 points! 3RD PLACE Renegan with 22 points! See you at the next one!
  5. minx ur so cute. but yeah, what she said, come join us today in about 6 hours!
  6. The time has been changed from Wednesday the 20th at 2pm EDT to Tuesday the 19th at 4pm EDT
  7. If you EVER look up a pokémon to find it and you will see ALL the tabs that have much more info on that mon. People should easily find out early on that dex is packed with info. Thats all I am saying.
  8. People seem to forget that the pokédex exists in this game, I don't get why.
  9. The closest thing to this that is implemented in this game would be phenomenons. You would see rustling grass, a spot in the water or a dust cloud. They are exclusive to the Unova region and spawn at random set locations every few mins. Check out this guide from the guide tavern:
  10. I love all your ideas.
  11. andreuh

    Player Titles

    I was talking with @Dibz about stuff like this the other day. My Ideas were more along the lines of achievements though with the possibility of small rewards (like completing dex really should have a reward, JUST SAYIN) Maybe having a second tab to the trainer card that could have "badges" for achieving certain things in game. Harder achievements to complete could award players with a new untradeable vanity or something that could only be obtained by completing the achievement. I think, like you said, its one of those things that "...could be good but would never be a priority" but it is worth putting it out there. What I am talking about it a little different than what you're saying but I felt like adding on, lol.
  12. I am sorry RB. I usually make them on Sundays but I don't have many free weekends as of lately.
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