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  1. Well say whatever you want. I have put time in organizing, creating stuff, discord, matchmakings etc to entertain the ones who wanted to play. I had criticism that I accepted, had to deal with players crossing deadlines and various activity calls being impartial etc. Just like any other TO. But I have not said a single insult to anyone and I wont accept you to do it with all your intention trying to degrade and hurt capitalizing on the frustration. You did it that way bc you thought you couldnt be punished for it, and it turned out like this.
  2. As I said that user posted it publicly and others told me to suggest that privately. And then Bearminator suggested it too. He could have walked away with the win but opted to hate on me with all he tought.
  3. No, I wanted to accept a suggestion that was better than straight dq.
  4. The rematch was a suggestion from other players and bearminator. I never offered a rematch myself.
  5. In a tournament I'm organizing I won't tolerate him to tell me to get fucked, cry him a river, dumb delusional etc The only stuff I said was game or playstyle related and never insulted individuals.
  6. @Xigbar vs @PoseidonWrath @Leviatharian vs @Redav @KaynineXL vs @gbwead @MknsZblex vs @mspinguino @mackx vs @FNTCZ @Sebat vs @Chjul19 @Oltan vs @AlejandroGB @xWhinkZ vs @MaatthewMLG @cjmystogan vs @Parke 7/16 matches played for week 2 close to the deadline. Reminder that you can and 'should' schedule and post your games on discord. https://discord.gg/mqDXnR
  7. Well this thing has finally started, had some irl stuff to do and I didn't want to start a tournament with less than 32 attendees. https://smash.gg/tournament/cave-of-origin-invitational/events Bracket is done there, and matches plus results must be published in the discord. Hf everyone.
  8. From now, non invitees are allowed to apply as fillers, in case players decline their invitations. Deadline Friday. Desde ahora, jugadores externos pueden aplicar como sustitutos, en caso de que otros jugadores declinen sus invitaciones. El viernes se cierra el plazo. ________________ First round pairings will be up next weekend. Los emparejamientos de la primera ronda saldrán el fin de semana que viene. @mspinguino @xSparkie
  9. And so, everyone who received an invitation entered the cave and sat around a strange table set in a shabby way. Between a low uproar the evening began, with the attendees enjoying their cup and their lava cookie, until someone asked the question. Rendi: tf are we doing? Is this not supposed to be a reunion to discuss a tournament? Mysterious Host: (still munchin ') is NOT exactly a tournament, it is a challenge, a test of courage and a great risk. DoubleJ: by risk, will you not refer to a health risk? - Asks while flexing his doctor's diploma - Mysterious host: Hmm could be. The test will start with 5 Swiss rounds, in which people will face each other matched by their results. This means that at the start of round 2 there will be 16 people 1-0 and 16 people 0-1; at the beginning of round 3 there will be 8 people 2-0, 16 people 1-1 and 8 people 0-2; at the beginning of round 4 there will be 4 people 3-0, 12 people 2-1, 12 people 1-2 and then, BAM, someone dies. Nagahex: Boludeces! (Bullshit!) WESTKH: 这 家伙 说 什么 Julian: I'd smash a hot ... wait wrong phrase. gbwead: (torching his baguette as if it were a cigar): and why would I want to die for a shit tie ... erhm format? Mysterious Host: Well, not literally die, but every person whose record passes the 3 defeats will be completely out, and with it his run will have died. Nahwel: I think uhh things in life, I think uhmm I get out of here. DoctorPBC (snapping his fingers thanos-like): and then what? Mysterious host: all people who after the fifth round have not come down from the X-2 (16 players) will have qualified for the (best of three) knockout phase. The results 5-0 and 4-1 in the winners bracket and the others in losers. With all this understood, the session is up; who feels strong may accept the challengue and who doesn't... I guess can run for the hills with Nahwel. RealDevilLegend: Donde está Zigh? (Where's Zigh) AlejandroGB: He keeps trying to get his Snorlax through the door, let's save him effort.
  10. Third 8 invitees bump. Edit: This took me an extra while just to get home and aswer theese questions. I've checked PSL and World Cup results, researched thru a lot of threads (tournaments etc), computed all automated tournaments with comp. prices and talked to some people about some names they'd recognice as worth inviting. That leaves me with some 'big old' names people told me they were a must, staple players in the PSL scene and consistent/motivated players. I've also checked every request for entering the tour even after I had made the first list, just to see If I skipped anyone important. Sorry I really tried to search any accomplishment and asked out for references and I got nothing impressive from you. If you want to join the discord and/or PM there with whatever you want I'm all ears.
  11. Second 8 Invitees bump. Edit: añadida traducción del post inicial.
  12. First 8 invitees bump. 2 potential donators have talked to me, I'll be looking to improve pricepool when PSL rewards are sent.
  13. Welcome to the first Cave of Origin Invitational. The end of the Doubles meta as we know is closeTM. In an effort to spice up the doubles scene and step up the game, I'll be releasing this invitational tournament, to give invested ones an one last chance to compete in a high caliber environment prior to the Sinnoh meta shift. The initial bracket will consist of 32 invitees drawn from the strongest and most genuine players that will clash in a Swiss Format qualifier, then face in a best of three Top Cut to take the crown home. Invitees will be revealed in spans of 12 to 24 hours from this post's release in groups of 8. Each invitee will be provided with a week to accept or deny its participation. Confirmation of assistance can be done in public or private. [If any spots are open after the 4 reveals + its confirmations, people will be allowed to aplicate as fillers, with whatever they want to give as reason or accomplishment] The creation of a Community Discord will come along the tournament, to keep the tournament interesting, and generate content. https://discord.gg/F8Qrkek All matches will be screenshotted (or recorded if possible) for commentary and/or analysis purposes, such as 'match of the week', discussion about matchups and stats gathering. The mechanic to spectate battles will be the same as in PSL/wcop, but posting 'playing in 10' in the #scheduling channel on discord and @everyone tag. En Español: Pricepool will most likely be low since I dont have much to give, and the winner should take everything home. Ill accept donations. Current pot: 8M + 5 Comp Dubs mons. Lluvvia - 2M Parke - 2.5M OrangeManiac - 2 M Xigbar - Volcarona, Torkoal, Metagross, Cherrim and Salamence comp dubs mons. PoseidonWrath - 1.5 M INVITEES LIST 1. @DoctorPBC 2. @DoubleJ 3. @Frag 4. iJulianFNT @FNTCZ 5. @OrangeManiac 6. @Rendiz 7. Santiii @EfronX 8. @Zigh 9. @AlejandroGB 10. @Chjul19 11. @LKrenz 12. @MaatthewMLG 13. @Parke 14. @PoseidonWrath 15. RealDevilLegend @isi1993 16. @Redav 17. @mspinguino 18. @NagaHex 19. @Nawe 20. @Oltan 21. @plata1 22. @Sebat 23. @WESTKH 24. @xSparkie 25. @Xigbar 26. @Kepzal 27. AngelosRed @xWhinkZ 28. @xXBlu3BreathXx 29. @sweendogforums 30. @Leviatharian 31. @gbwead 32. @Lluvvia
  14. psl resumes in 15 lads & gents @everyone
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