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  1. IGN: Lluvvia Pokemon 1: Torkoal Pokemon 2: Exeggutor Pokemon 3: Hitmontop Pokemon 4: Hydreigon Pokemon 5: Electabuzz Pokemon 6: Typhlosion
  2. Honestly devastated from when I saw this post like 10 hours ago. I think that I tend to be a cold dude, and I did not expect to be affected so much by the loss of a person I had talked to like 10 times, but she took care of me when I was new to this game not so long ago. Short story of how I met her. She was an unique person. I'm extremely sad we wont be able to meet with her again. I guess I'm not really a true member of this community since I've been here for short time, but I felt the need to write this. My condolences to her family and friends. Rest in peace.
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