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  1. I personify style and elegance, the mastery of the art of fencing and magic! The grace in one being! I am a red mage! The representation and ambivalence of power manifested through its main elements! The crystals of light will give me their power! Pyro!! Is anyone behind me?! Hopefully and don't get too close to the fire! IGN: Lonelywolf <3
  2. I carry a lot of Pokemon breededs by Spxter. I highly recommend it, the service is excellent and quite fast.
  3. Excellent and fast service. 100% Recommended!
  4. Hi. How much for 1 Adamant - Pawniard 2x31 (vel - atk) and 3 x 30 (or +28) (hp - def - sp def) with 1 egg move: Pursuit?
  5. ¿How much for a Pokemon 5x30 + nature and 1 or 2 Egg moves?¿How much for a 3x30 and 2x31 + nature and 1 or 2 Egg moves?¿How much for a 4x30 + nature and 1 or 2 Egg moves?
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