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  1. Hey guys, I have been bored these last weeks because OU is so repetitive. Every battle is Chansey, Blissey, Ferrothorn and Volcarona. So I went to UU and NU, to battle against different things. The problem is: the PvP rounds of UU/NU doesn't work right, and you never find battles, so I have to use my UU/NU teams against OU, what is not fair (it's hard to win battles with "worst" Pokémon than you opponent). Besides that, the Server Tournaments have low frequency, like, one tournament of each tier per week, so I have to wait one week to battle real UU/NU battles, and there's the chance of lose in the first battle, or even can't enter in the tournament, considering the limited vacancies. My suggestion is: to make one Community Combat of each tier EVERY DAY (or at least, OU/UU/NU) , in distincts periods of time, to make these low tiers beeing truly playable. The prizes can be smallers, like 200-300k, with the tournaments of the weekends giving shinies, but it would be a good way to the players escapes the monotonous OU. (Or fix the matchmaking of UU/NU). Hopeing that this can be considering by the game developers.
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