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  1. People underestimating kamimi are clowns .
  2. payed part of the money to @Adamant i'll farm and pay the rest @Parkei'll pay parke his money then farm the rest to adamant
  3. @Adamant so in total we got 35M on bet right? void if tie sure
  4. @Adamant i'd bet 30m on SIA beating VVVV if you want
  5. I would take all only if u accept 500k per match
  6. NU: Mansterix vs Kriliin UU: gbwead vs Parke @Parke UU: enchanteur vs Kanzo NU: MadaraSixSix vs RAVAEL UU: Abondonment vs SnowOT LC: MullenYu vs WarwitoX Dubs: AngelosRed vs DocPBC NU: Huargensy vs xLuneth UU: urquidi vs UmbraMol 1M on all bold one , void if sub
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