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  1. 1m kriliin vs xluneth 1m on me vs stelian 1m on lunarck vs darker
  2. This tour is at 6am for most of players, please get a brain then put the time for tour.
  3. Ign: Tawla Reason : win every match i got to play Tiers: all but dubs Competitive accolades: won psl XI Won many NU tours Other random stuff: if you feel like you're gonna be like juliantfnt as a manager please dont pick me and lotus+jaawax got robbed.
  4. Lotus, jaawax should have been picked, you better think twice before you pick
  5. Madarasixsix: perfect player, very helpfull, deserve to get a spot as a manager. Lotus : great player and getting the perfect co-manager ever and i believe he will get so far. Jaawax : i believe that this player will do everything to see his team winning this psl Rdl : i dont know him well but i believe that everyone loves him for a good reason Lejovi : a very good player, knows everyone, he will make a perfect and deserve to prove himself as a manager Luke: winner of psl 12 i can add a lot but i think thats enough to get a spot Daryl: Enchanteur:.......
  6. It was joke after all pachima will choose whoever he wants.
  7. @pachima please choose him as a manager.
  8. Bronzor lol. They will force us to play bronzor in every game.
  9. They still use usage on move up or down from tier to other, its like they dont know that stupid people use some UT in OU.
  10. Durant 2%usage in UU, bring it back to NU, if people will say that its strong in NU i'd say then ban roserade too cause its strong in NU but its about usage, and if so, durant most be NU.
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