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  1. Well .. Hello everyone , first of all i would like to take 2 or 3 minutes of your time to read this , for those who doesnt know Samehada, well he were my Best friend IRL since i was 15 ( now im 26) we used to do everything together , we went through everything together, and then we came to this community together, its been now one week since Samehada left us, its only now that i felt a bit better and decided to do a tournament with tiers that he loved , for people who doesnt know him , Samehada was really a good guy, good friend, and a good brother for me and for all the people he knew for those who ask how did he die , he just got a heart attack, may his soul rest in peace ... Now for the tournament it will be a tag team tournament , Tiers will be OU NU LC (Try as hard as you can to carry your best friends) The spots are inlimited So welcome to everyone Date & Time: sunday 19th july at 8PM GMT +2 Location : Silph Co. Channel 5 Hosts: Me @Sashaolin @MathewMat @MknsZblex @calidubstep Rewards : 30M For now and still waiting for your donation (ign: Tawla) Thanks everyone.
  2. 3m on mkns vs kokenozebi 3m on kriliin vs mexidany
  3. 1m on kriliin win @Paul 1m on mkns win 1m on sweetforu win
  4. Mago did a mistake cause that never work like that dude, otherwise, New hosts they Will either fix it or leave it like that, but it was mago's mistake on bracket.
  5. Just think, how would Mexico move on when they lost against us ??? Rules are, H2H before dif, so yea lets see what would host say about that, im sure that Mexico dont deserve to move.
  6. First, GG Mexico for qualification that is not even deserved because everybody knows that Julian trolled his lineup but yeah Nice trick between Mexico and Colombie to make africa out and i hope you feel much better and that you finaly enjoying life both of you, and second i would like say thanks to hosts (not mago) for making this WC the most biggest fail ever seen.
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