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  1. I agree with goku , random battle will encourage lazy people who dont want to invest in pvp , since yesterday i didnt see any UU NU game , they all go random while random isnt even a tier , with only 3 gen , with bad reward . Also i would like to send a message to our lazy MOD , why do put pokemon sets that depend on their hidden ability ? Venusaur with sunny day+ growth needs chlorophyl , and a lot of other set that depend on hidden ability . GM's made the most stupid decision ever on adding random battle , keep fuckin the game , i bet from now to one year later u will find urself alone in the game , cause you really killing , instead of adding random battle , you should have added hidden ability 😉 stupid
  2. 1m on PoseidonWrath 1m on gasaiflour 1m sintatic
  3. Team name: who cares Ou player: sweetforu NU player: tawla
  4. Tawla Tier: all but dubs Prefered manager: Rdl , thedh, cali
  5. Ign: Tawla Acolades: i've won some LC tours , used to play LC when we were able to do it and i was doing well on it. Fluff: i'm currently africa's captain , hope i'll get the chance to be a manager.
  6. Im not a TC but i want to give my point of view about dugtrio. Dugtrio prevent NU players the chance to use pokemons like : choice band blaziken, choices specs houndoom magmortar typhlosion , also some poison type pokemon and a lot of others , dugtrio with focus sash come easly on all of this pokémons, take the damage , tank it with sash and kill it after , and thats really disgusting because of its ability that trap every one who dont have levitate or flying type , the ban of dugtrio to UU is really needed since in UU there's nothing much to trap and OHKO , and since many people are asking for the ban , @Munyashould ban it.
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