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  1. 1m on mkns vs epicverde first match
  2. Take you vs stelian ( can i take 2x?)
  3. Spearow 250k, geodude 250k, machamp 30k
  4. Which means you accepted the rematch. So yeah the DQ of gbwead wasnt because he trashtalked you (which happens to every player in everyday to get trashtalked without crying like a baby) but it because you didnt accept that you got kicked of your own tournament.
  5. But boy, there's 0 rule who say if you trashtalk you will get dq, so thats not fair at all, not because its YOUR tournament so people dont have to trashtalk, and you're the only one who found that fair, because it plays for your advantage.
  6. You accepted the rematch. Which means you wanna win no matter what does it cost.
  7. No rule saying that players dont have to trashtalk YOU, you just couldnt accept that you're out of your own tournament, or you wouldnt suggest a rematch, like seriously 'lets rematch because you trashtalked me' xD pathetic.
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