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  1. Simple, because first, the last thing they care about is what players suggest, second, because they dont know whats going on the game and all what they care about is PVE players, Moderators dont know much about the game, or maybe they do like they dont know anything about it, you're not the first one to talk about this, many people did before, and nothing changed and im really sorry to tell you that nothing will change.
  2. i think the best way to make people play UU/NU matchmaking is to bait them, for exemple a monthly reward for the top 10 in the ladder, or like CC , pokemon from the tier as a gift to the top 1 in the ladder and the rest will get some bp, then you will see people trying hard, the bait is the best way to bring people.
  3. What pachima means is that UU is gonna be too bad and that people should talk about that instead of talking about gallame to go UU which is rediculous.
  4. Just give me one pokemon who could wall zoroark in NU ?
  5. dont drop zoroark to NU, and ban roserade.
  6. Bronzor was cool against Roserade too, but are we forced to play Mantine or bronzor in every game just to counter roserade ? Roserade should be ban and its a shame to see People trying to defend it.
  7. First of all, roserade UU or OU or delete it, it was the most stupid UU-->NU ever
  8. No i bet for both games kanzo
  9. 1m on mkns vs sweet, void if tie. Void if one of the teams wins and they didnt play yet.
  10. I wont accept if u try to pay cause i canceled the bet.
  11. Mkns's team has already won, both players wont give their best, its good for both of us.
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