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  1. Well after all this catching events that i saw today, i'd say that staff would probably like to see some pvp players stop the game, please stop saying 'we have limits on shiny etc etc' we're not kids of 10 y.o who would believe such a bullshit, like seriously what do you have in your minds to put a shiny druddigon on a catching event ?? You guys should take a look on NU most played pokemons, druddigon is one of the most important pokemons in NU, people would give everything to fight for it !! And not giving it to someone who's sitting for just one hour, catching some luck to win a prize that he dont deserve at all ffs. Also, Grimer, one of the most important in LC tier, people will do everything for it, not worth for a catching event you guys should understand how much time , money, skill are pvp player's spending to play tournaments and sometimes i see some catching events having no pvp pokemons as a gift, like spinarak, pidgey etc.. Some useless pokemons but let me tell you something, those useless pokemons arent even worth for catching events, and hosting tour for shiny spinarak(which is useless) is more worth than a 6x31 pokemon that cannot be played mixed like lilligant, its not me or other who should tell you to wake up and learn more about pokemons that could be played mixed or not. Thanks.
  2. A worth gift for a 128 NU tour not for 1 hour of sitting catching luck.
  3. I only see shiny prize for catching events. Lol
  4. Are shiny prizes an option for catching events ? Thank you for understanding ;)
  5. NU gift comp For UU tour, seriously i dont understand whats wrong with you guys, keeping shiny for catching event who take one hour only and 0 skill, just luck, and then host tour UU for NU gift no shiny which take so much time, skill etc.... And then host a 128 tour for no shiny again.. fair enough..
  6. team name: Not SIA team tag : SIA player : OU: luke UU: madarasixsix NU: tawla dubs: gbwead lc : thedrakehope
  7. Tawla

    WTB LC comps

    I would like to buy some LC comps, for those who wanna sell let me know which pokemon and details.
  8. Both of nidoqueen info please
  9. Look who's saying ridiculous.
  10. Was pachima who picked OU. Coolio was about to give the win to zhiko-_- fair enough.
  11. Me and haazuu, saturday 9pm gmt.
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