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    World Cup Week #1

    Anyway´╝îthat's all.France b still has chance. And If you think that is unfair, let me have a look at your power. I don't mind having a battle again after this group game. If you can prove your ability and step on, I wait for you. If you fail in the group, I think there is nothing to say. Wish good luck.
  2. bingonb

    World Cup Week #1

    I am the captian of China b. I can understand what your thoughts is, but I don't accept your attitude. Everyone wants victory, I know. So do I. If in this battle my teammate's time is over, and the reason is that he is thinking, will you agree to rematch? As we know, in that battle there is still no obvious winner, why you need rematching after your time is over? So If we agree to rematch, this is our sympathy. And If we disagree, this is also our choice, and we have played in our all effort to express the respect, I think that's enough. I want to win, and your action is equal to applying for rematch after failure, saying that you are not in your best and you think it's unfair. Sorry, this is world champion. And you still have chance. If you don't know there is a limit of time, I have nothing to say. That's all. Good luck for next battle, everyone.

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