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  1. 打了三届世锦赛了,从第二届出线都做不到,到第三届出线后遇到冠军队比利时,努力打平后加赛憾负,到第四届,中国队终于夺得这宝贵的冠军!! 今年,今天,我们是冠军!!! 一路上虽然磕磕碰碰,也有很多意外事件发生,但是终究阻挡不了三年的努力!! 感谢一路上支持我们的国人朋友们,也感谢三年内参加过世锦赛的所有成员!! 以下是参赛名单(排名不分先后,加粗id为队长),其中第二届和第三届由于参赛的中国选手较多,被分为了两队。 第二届 中国A队:BabyLo,MullenYu,Ahpool,EvaLu,wondermen,yegod,TecentQQ 中国B队:Bingo,MamoswineZ,MinGKA,HedgeWitch,HuanLiu,sgerard,sixsixsixt,starnishishei 第三届 中国A队:MullenYu,Ahpool,MamoswineZ,Bingo,mentalsoft,blackblack,elcooilo,Bfu,Starmind(ps分级特邀嘉宾) 中国B队:HedgeWitch,EEdays,sgerard,OtoukiO,pumpnevermiss,wyqnibaba,caosl,Fishcakes,gggguang(ps分级特邀嘉宾) 第四届 中国队:Bingo,sgerard,ZireaelCiri,ShanQi,woxiangsinile,Cogeid,heichicoda,Demondsky,jjjjhh,Mislandier,Queest,pumpnevermiss,reliefgouai,loveyun,VFoxdemon 每一位球员都拼尽全力在奋战,胜败也只是兵家常事。每一位,都值得我们尊敬。 也希望能够有更多pvp的爱好者积极努力,向着这个最高的舞台,为国争光。一年复一年,不变的将会是对冠军的渴望。明年我也会等着大家,希望能够看到更多的分级顶点选手一展风采!! 我是冰果,世锦赛中国队队长,向全世界宣布 We are champion! We are NO.1!
  2. 呃,你不知道努力值有2点是没有用的吗,有效努力值只有508。
  3. 没错就是那个写nu配置帖的冰果。 有问必答,有问不答我女装谢罪。
  4. 这要是骑的是沙奈朵那又不能直播了
  5. Well, I won 2 matches in wc4 with Dugtrio. In fact, it is the high usage of Blaziken and Typhlosion that force me to use Dugtrio. ppl who think Dugtrio brings them unhappiness should think about the Blaziken and Typhlosion. it's hard to switch when face Blaziken because u-turn gives him flexibility and cc and fb give him strength. if switch wrongly, well, the team is easy to be destroyed. While if switch well, the Blaziken can switch without any cost. So does the Typhlosion with choice specs, well, let's all bring the slowking! if you are the user of these two pokemons, pls think about which pokemon breaks the NU environment firstly. if you are not the user of these two pokemons...imagine that my friend. you are using Espeon. and why Dugtrio can trap and kill you? ok, your espeon's hp must be lower than 80% and that means there was an exchange of fire between espeon and the opponent. Before the Dugtrio switchs on, the whole team had been hit seriously. then the Dugtrio switchs on, kills the espeon and his mission is completed. But espeon has destroyed his team too. of course, it is suitable to not only espeon, but also Zoroark, ambipom and so on. So before you taste the bitterness the Dugtrio brings you, think about the pressure your Dugtrio-fearing pokemons bring your opponent. I think it is the higher usage of Blaziken and Typhlosion that makes the usage and the winning rate higher.
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